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Marc-Henri Arfeux in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow

Tracks from Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Chromatic Travels» have featured in the «Electronic Therapy» radioshow which took place on February 12, 2016.

Thanks to Julien and Francis.

Electronic Therapy

Marc-Henri Arfeux & Depletion Region in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow

Tracks from Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Chromatic Travels» and Depletion Region – «Granular Dominions 1» have featured in the «Electronic Therapy» radioshow which took place on October 16, 2015.

Thanks to Julien and Francis.

Electronic Therapy

Marc-Henri Arfeux in Sadayatana Podcast #197

Tracks by Marc-Henri Arfeux have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #197 «Dark to Dark» (September 28, 2014).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #197 «Dark to Dark»

Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Chromatic Travels»

Marc-Henri Arfeux - «Chromatic Travels»Cat.# … DNA 161
Release Date … 26.09.2014
Genre … Abstract, Electroacoustic
Type … FLAC Lossless

««Chromatic Travels» explores the birth of light and colours in parallel with the infinite journey of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 beyond the borders of the solar system. This series of studies in electroacoustic music express the mystery of our universe at the core of unknown.

Heliopause: Heliopause was by pure chance finished composing the very day the news was given Voyager 1 had officially crossed the heliopause, the border of the solar system. I was very touched by this coincidence since this piece precisely expressed the journey of the Voyager space probes mission and their journey through the heliopause, the last edge before the interstellar regions.

Siralia: As soon as I had the news about Voyager 1 entrance in interstellar space, I composed this second piece expressing the mystery of this new journey in the unknown side the little space probe was the first human ship to explore it. For me, this was a great source of emotion since through Voyager 1, it is a part of mankind who now explores these regions of universe. The title comes from the name of the double star Sirius, one of of our «close» neighbours in the galaxy. It also refers to Stockhausen’s opera entitled “Sirus” as a poetic echo.

Study Of Black Matter: Our universe is supposed to be partly composed of a mysterious substance, invisible and exactly inverse to matter: black matter. This piece explores the spiritual essence of this substance as a secret inner light non one can feel, and as the source of all vision, light and colours experience veiled by this enigmatic reality.

Study Of White Matter: In this piece I imagined black matter’s core is composed of an enigmatic white matter, the white being the chromatic source of every colour.

Chromata: Chromata explores the birth of colours out of light, the opening of life and beauty through this mysterious source.

Monochromies: Monochromies are supposed to be one single colour objects, for instance in painting. Here the monochrome essence becomes secretly a principle of infinite chromatic creation, a symbol of the deep mystery of everything.

This album ends with a composition dedicated to the French electroacoustic music Bernard Parmegiani, one of my favourites, who died the 21th of November 2013. He had composed a long piece untitled «Creation of the World». My own composition is a ritual to celebrate him and accompany him to the mysterious border where the encounter with the white spiritual substance of everything begins. It is a way to end this album with a journey of soul in the unknown of the infinite.»

— Marc-Henri Arfeux


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Heliopause (04:16)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Siralia (08:51)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Study Of Black Matter (14:52)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Study Of White Matter (08:18)
  5. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Chromata (02:58)
  6. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Monochromies (09:52)
  7. Marc-Henri Arfeux – In Memoriam Bernard Parmegiani(08:14)

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Marc-Henri Arfeux and Ices Ov in Sadayatana Podcast #73

Tracks by Marc-Henri Arfeux and Ices Ov have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #73 «In The Name of Peace» (March 24, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #73 «In The Name of Peace»

Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Loire Abstraction»

Cat.# … DNA 102
ReMarc-Henri Arfeux - «Loire Abstraction»lease Date … 30.01.2011
Genre … Abstract, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Since the XVIth century, the river Loire has always been a poetic emblem in French culture and arts, for the beauty of its slow waters and landscapes. In the second part of the XXth century, the great painter Olivier Debré who lived on its banks often refered in his subtle abstract way to its moving lights and colours along seasons and hours.

This album expresses my own tribute to Olivier Debré and his Loire paintings I admire deeply, in the form of a symphonic poem for synthesizers and various electronic devices, divided into seven parts. Each one has a title Olivier Debré could have chosen and conveys into music an imaginary Loire vision he could have painted. Has the most feminine of the French rivers, music is a constant metamorphosis of miraculous unique instants in progress.»
Marc-Henri Arfeux

Photo by Marc-Henri Arfeux.
Artworks by Dodeccaheedron.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Bleue Transparente Avec Irisations (12:52)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Bleue-Grise Aux Accents Jaunes (09:38)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – D’Ardoise Et Ligne Blanche (08:52)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Grande Loire D’Hiver (10:32)
  5. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Noire Et Or (11:20)
  6. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Coulées De Loire (12:28)
  7. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Bleue Sombre Aux Scintillements (09:46)

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Gryphée – «The Rotations Project»

Gryphée - «The Rotations Project»Cat.# … DNA 101
Release Date … 22.01.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient, Experimental, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

«The Rotations Project» is an European musical project (England / Spain / Austria / France) initiated by Wehwalt and centered around the motorized and remote-controlled guitar conceived by the French musician Gryphée.

Each of the musicians worked this guitar’s sample provided by Gryphée in a totally free way, using sonic masses to obtain a final result as eclectic as consistent.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux & Gryphée – September Visions (07:52)
  2. Wehwalt & Gryphée – Rotation I (08:42)
  3. Infinite Inertia & Gryphée – Cancroid Astroid (06:42)
  4. Demi-Biche & Gryphée – Pulsations (08:57)
  5. M.Nomized & Gryphée – Invertion Rotation (06:36)
  6. The Ghost Between The Strings & Gryphée – Autoignition (09:45)
  7. MaCu & Gryphée – Voyage (06:14)
  8. Kadaverik & Gryphée – Primale Rotation (06:43)
  9. Fabrice Coltro & Gryphée – Ether (Based On H.Michaux’s Poem “L’ether”) (04:08)
  10. Visoposiv & Gryphée – Rotation V (14:24)

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Wehwalt & Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Myrrha»

Wehwalt & Marc-Henri Arfeux - «Myrrha»Cat.# … DNA 91
Release Date … 15.07.2010
Genre … Abstract, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Myrrha refers to a greek legend. According to this story, Myrrha, victim of her incestuous father, Cinyras, king of Cyprus, implored the gods to banish her from the world of the living and the dead, after a nine moons restless wandering in the woods. They changed him into a tree. The myrrh is said to be the loading of her tears during her transformation.
In the end, through a split in her bark, she gave birth to Adonis, a major god representing death and renewal, who is associated to roses and myrtle.

Although this album is inspired by this legend, it does not follow the purpose to depict the sad adventures of Myrrha, but must be interpreted as a symbol of creation. The music, changeable and always unexpected, begins to develop its mental flow and carries our deep emotions. One hears distant whispers, the breath of wind and the things coming to life from the very core of their stillness, to create a sound painting of man’s and nature’s most secret inner forces.

Artwork by Knell.


  1. Wehwalt – Birth Of Adonis I (23:54)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Birth Of Adonis II (26:30)

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Various Artists – «Our Demons Hide Near The Place Where Children’s Fears Sleep»

Various Artists - «Our Demons Hide Near The Place Where Children's Fears Sleep»Cat.# … DNA 88
Release Date … 07.06.2010
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

This compilation combine sombre and intense dark/drone ambient tracks with experimental and avantgarde works. Such combination can express better that negative emotions children experience in discovering the world around.

«Infinite Depression» by Aevum Spiritus is an unconscious and irresistible fear of the unknown resulting in lack of self-confidence, reticence and depression.

Ultra low-frequency «Home» by Raspad Atoma is a gasping for breath in horror of darkness, claustrophobia and suppressed fears.

Composed in the way of recently released at DNA Production «Nasca Lines» album, «Utkha» by Indo is a panic and impetuous run away, consciousness quelled by instincts, convulsive breathing.

Track included in «House Of Morpheus» released in March, «Chora» by Marc-Henri Arfeux is an expression of childish dreams, sometimes naive and light, sometimes anxious and disturbed, sometimes utterly nightmarish. Relief for child mind, these dreams are factor of secondary negative influence on children’s psychics.

«Non C’è Più Niente» by Behind Formal Face (J Orphic dark ambient side-project) is a child’s horrible nightmare, his heavy breathing, desperate attempts to escape from this cold well of irrational fears, crying and perspiration when awaking.

«Endorphin Haze» by Red Fog is a catatonic state after experienced nervous shock when child’s mind can’t overcome the emotional overload and escape to embryonic unconcsious state with minimal and elemental perception.

Another track by Aevum Spiritus, «Sna» is grotesque and morbid pictures in teenager’s dreams, repeated nightmares caused by forgotten irrational children’s fears.

Artwork By Marc-Henri Arfeux and Knell.


  1. Aevum Spiritus – Infinite Depression (04:02)
  2. Raspad Atoma – Home (03:27)
  3. Indo – Uktha (05:56)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Chora (09:16)
  5. Behind Formal Face – Non C’è Più Niente (05:45)
  6. Red Fog – Endorphin Haze (11:22)
  7. Aevum Spiritus – Sna (04:09)

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Marc-Henri Arfeux – «House Of Morpheus»

Marc-Henri Arfeux - «House Of Morpheus»Cat.# … DNA 81
Release Date … 20.03.2010
Genre … Ambient, Abstract, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«The «House Of Morpheus» is not only a realm of sleep and dreams, but also deals with the wide awake concentration of the meditating and creating conscience when inspired by its inner lamps, darkness and dawns. The pieces of music gathered in this album are some of the many rooms in this infinite mental house.

«Scansion» is a ritual of rising light, a call to the horizon and a celebration of this world’s enigma.

«La Seu», inspired by the cathedral of Palma de Majorque, enhances this spiritual dimension. In the huge mysterious stone vessel, a music of ceremony intertwines with the acoustic presence of the invisible, and dissolves in it, as if the cathedral’s roof slowly opened on a deep mystic night sparkling with stars.

«Kozan-Ji» refers to a mountain buddhist temple of the district of Kyoto. Its solitude and serenity, expressed by an almost monophonic horizontal line, leads us to pure quietness through a central and symbolic fight for deliverance.

«From The Realm Of Morpheus» is dedicated to the eponymous novel of the American writer Steven Millhauser. It is a journey in the underground world of mysteries, nightmares, haunting memories, whispering intimate ghosts, and imagination, everyone holds in his mind.

«Chora» ends this visit in the secret house of soul, with a thanksgiving music offered to the daylight and the beauty of this unbelievable mysterious world. The title of this piece hides a double meaning by its reference to the Greek word «khora» (space), and its allusion to the French words «choral» (a religious kind of music, often for voices) and «chorale» (a choir). It is indeed an ode of joy leading to a final poem.»
Marc-Henri Arfeux, 16 January 2010.

Artwork by Marc-Henri Arfeux.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Scansion (09:36)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – La Seu (18:16)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Kozan-Ji (07:54)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – From The Realm Of Morpheus (16:48)
  5. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Chora (09:16)

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