Spanse – «Sky»

Cat.# … DNA 93
Release Date … 15.08.2010
Genre … Drone, Ambient, Experimental, Sound Art
Type … FLAC Lossless

The pieces range in style from minimal sonic landscapes, to huge hyper-chromatic compositions. Many of the works in this series use huge numbers of discreet tones.

These are present often in the form of successive layers of large «tonal clusters», which add a very natural and otherworldly feeling. These techniques are achieved through a variety of processes, including custom software environments. Instruments are viewed more as tone generators, than in the traditional way.

Sound sources include: guitar, synthesizer, found objects, exotic native American and third world flutes; electromechanical sonic sculptures; many found sounds and field recordings; unusual hacked and created circuits; software environments in platforms like Max/MSP and Pure Data, VB etc that relate directly to whatever I might be doing at the time.

Artwork by Jeff Bechtel.


  1. Spanse – A Billion Stars (04:31)
  2. Spanse – Chaiii (04:16)
  3. Spanse – Allo (06:25)
  4. Spanse – The Ancient (05:08)
  5. Spanse – Soft Dive (05:50)
  6. Spanse – ORC mvt3 (05:12)

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Jan Kees Helms – «H2OCO2»

Cat.# … DNA 76
Release Date … 30.01.2010
Genre … Experimental, Field Recordings, Sound Art
Type … FLAC Lossless

«H2OCO2» is the next Jan Kees Helms’ experiment with field recordings, a new chapter in his sound research of world elemental essences. With abstract approach he’s trying to discover mysteries of ordinary but very important things. And field recordings are the tools which help him to extract and to process «voices» of that essences.

This album is dedicated to studies of water and carbon dioxide sounds. Two unique microspaces created by Jan Kees Helms are different but look like very familiar thanks for author’s laborious task which helps to unmistakably recognize these essences by its «voices».

Artworks are by Jan Kees Helms.


  1. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 1 (02:24)
  2. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 2 (04:07)
  3. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 3 (08:27)
  4. Jan Kees Helms – H20 – 1 (05:30)
  5. Jan Kees Helms – H20 – 2 (05:45)

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