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What is DNA Production?

DNA Production is a label for post-industrial music listeners created by post-industrial music fans. So the mission of the label is simple: to bring selected new industrial tunes to people who would love it; to bring it free of charge and easy for further non-commercial distribution.

DNA Production is a non-profit label, thanks to a host of post-industrial musicians who want to share their music and passion with listeners. They’re making it for free, and DNA Production is here to help them.

How does it work?

Simple in object, it’s simple in process. A musician sends his/her recordings (files or links) to the label. Then DNA Production listens to it and likes it (or not). If the recording hits the mark, DNA Production makes a release and publishes it at this website as soon as it possible. Hundreds of listeners find it, listen to it, like it (or not), share it with friends, use it in podcasts and share their thoughts about it in their blogs.

What is the release?

It comes as a package of audio and image files. While Internet Archive servers are used for storing the releases, DNA Production uploads high-quality audio files there as well as images and then Internet Archive services create a page for the release where visitors can download the files or listen to it online.

DNA Production tries to bring its releases in highest quality. So FLAC was chosen as an usual audio format after short initial period of using mp3 as a standard audio format. Internet Archive also offer some alternative formats such as ogg.

Something more?

All DNA Production releases are special but there are some extraordinary things. First of all, we have a few thematic compilations dedicated to various things and events. Besides, DNA Production released a string of excellent works made by exceptional artists. And some of that remarkable works were released as a part of DNA Production special project called «Short Drones», a line of short works made mainly in drone ambient way.

For more information please visit pages with advices for listeners, musicians and other concerned persons.
With any questions, claims, suggestions please do not hesitate to contact the label.