Wehwalt & Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Myrrha»

Cat.# … DNA 91
Release Date … 15.07.2010
Genre … Abstract, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Myrrha refers to a greek legend. According to this story, Myrrha, victim of her incestuous father, Cinyras, king of Cyprus, implored the gods to banish her from the world of the living and the dead, after a nine moons restless wandering in the woods. They changed him into a tree. The myrrh is said to be the loading of her tears during her transformation.
In the end, through a split in her bark, she gave birth to Adonis, a major god representing death and renewal, who is associated to roses and myrtle.

Although this album is inspired by this legend, it does not follow the purpose to depict the sad adventures of Myrrha, but must be interpreted as a symbol of creation. The music, changeable and always unexpected, begins to develop its mental flow and carries our deep emotions. One hears distant whispers, the breath of wind and the things coming to life from the very core of their stillness, to create a sound painting of man’s and nature’s most secret inner forces.

Artwork by Knell.


  1. Wehwalt – Birth Of Adonis I (23:54)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Birth Of Adonis II (26:30)

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