After releasing four successful samplers at the early stage of its development, DNA Production changed the method of compiling (as well as the owner and compiler). Concept has become the main thing instead of genre similarities.

Various Artists - «Could We Live Forever?»The first attempt in this way was DNA 39, a compilation which has been released under the name «Could We Live Forever?». It was dark time for me when I started to pick out the tracks for my first compilation for DNA Production. No job, no prospects, dismal expectations and ominous dreams. I‘ve had a few manifold unreleased tracks of slightly various genres. Most of those tracks were quite dismal, and it was consonant with my mood. After interminable listenings some tracks were weeded out, and residuary ones went into one more-than-hour work where seven various tracks give one answer to naïve childish question: «Could We Live Forever?».

More info about this compilation and link to download page can be found here.

Various Artists - «Fall Asleep Ghosts»The second compilation was dedicated to the second DNA Production anniversary. I’ve started to think about this compilation in summer 2009 when Kurt Nimmo (Fosel) has sent me a new work. His previous album released on the 23rd of December 2007 was the first DNA Production release, and for me it has strong associations with the label’s birth.

The idea has appeared but soon it became a project of minor importance.

It was raised accidentally in October in a chat with Knell (Raspad Atoma). I told him about my intention to create a huge compilation and to release it on the label second anniversary. Knell was excited about the idea so I asked him to manage this project.

Later he was very active at Myspace inviting people he likes. A lot of invitations were sent.

And a lot of musicians agreed to contribute their works to the compilation. There were people registered in DNA Production catalogue and totally new musicians. I was absolutely stunned with their response; it was the new feeling for me to know how many people support us.

With gratitude we arranged tracks. Yes, it came from different musicians, well-known or unknown – it didn’t matter for us. And yes, the tracks differ from each other in style and sound. But we had something that unites it all – behind each track is our friend, an artist who shares his own creativity, thoughts, and feelings with us. Their work is an inspiration for us; their sound magic is a soul of the compilation.

More info about this compilation and link to download page can be found here.

Various Artists - «Our Demons Hide Near The Place Where Children's Fears Sleep»The third compilation was planned in the end of the 2009, at the same time with «Fall Asleep Ghosts». I like albums with concept, especially that works which consist of seemingly incompatible tracks. I worked this way when I was preparing my first compilation «Could We Live Forever?». Then I was partly inspired by reminiscences of my childish disillusionment.

«Chora» by Marc-Henri Arfeux, a track not included in «Fall Asleep Ghosts», was the first point. I have been stunned with its brightness. It was just like my child dreams I would like not to remember. Then I started to select proper tracks. «Utkha» by Indo and «Sna» by Aevum Spiritus were next ones, and at that time I have had exact picture of this compilation.

As a father, I’m very worried about my failed attempts to protect my children’s immature psychic from harsh influence of the world around. It is the anxiety that became the main theme of the compilation. Anxiety and strong desire to remind all parents that we have to help our babies to escape from emotional shock we experienced in childhood.

It was a desire to prevent all possible fears, to keep children’s psychic clean and healthy.

To create a better future for them. Simply to create a better future. Better than the present.

More info about this compilation and link to download page can be found here.