For others

If you are browsing DNA Production website and not searching for music downloading or for music publishing, probably you intend to offer CEO services or because of an infringement of copyright.

Please do not offer here any CEO services, social networks promotion or other advertising campaigns.

DNA Production is a non-profit label. There are no sales and no interests in attracting thousands of visitors. Please do not waste your time. Akismet is the only reader who receives your messages.
Also DNA Production is not interested in ads placement at this website.

Unfortunately, in the past DNA Production faced few claims of copyright infringements. If you are here with such claim, please note that DNA Production has no capability to check every audio file or image for infringements as the label receives it from many contenders who pretend to publish their works here and claimed those works as their own.

All your claims regarding infringement of copyright will be redirected to respective musician and then appropriate actions will be taken depending on explanations received. We hope for your understanding.

You can submit your claim here.