Marc-Henri Arfeux – «House Of Morpheus»

Cat.# … DNA 81
Release Date … 20.03.2010
Genre … Ambient, Abstract, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«The «House Of Morpheus» is not only a realm of sleep and dreams, but also deals with the wide awake concentration of the meditating and creating conscience when inspired by its inner lamps, darkness and dawns. The pieces of music gathered in this album are some of the many rooms in this infinite mental house.

«Scansion» is a ritual of rising light, a call to the horizon and a celebration of this world’s enigma.

«La Seu», inspired by the cathedral of Palma de Majorque, enhances this spiritual dimension. In the huge mysterious stone vessel, a music of ceremony intertwines with the acoustic presence of the invisible, and dissolves in it, as if the cathedral’s roof slowly opened on a deep mystic night sparkling with stars.

«Kozan-Ji» refers to a mountain buddhist temple of the district of Kyoto. Its solitude and serenity, expressed by an almost monophonic horizontal line, leads us to pure quietness through a central and symbolic fight for deliverance.

«From The Realm Of Morpheus» is dedicated to the eponymous novel of the American writer Steven Millhauser. It is a journey in the underground world of mysteries, nightmares, haunting memories, whispering intimate ghosts, and imagination, everyone holds in his mind.

«Chora» ends this visit in the secret house of soul, with a thanksgiving music offered to the daylight and the beauty of this unbelievable mysterious world. The title of this piece hides a double meaning by its reference to the Greek word «khora» (space), and its allusion to the French words «choral» (a religious kind of music, often for voices) and «chorale» (a choir). It is indeed an ode of joy leading to a final poem.»
Marc-Henri Arfeux, 16 January 2010.

Artwork by Marc-Henri Arfeux.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Scansion (09:36)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – La Seu (18:16)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Kozan-Ji (07:54)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – From The Realm Of Morpheus (16:48)
  5. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Chora (09:16)

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