Every label reaches a certain stage when it becomes necessary to release something special, thematic or unlike to previous works. For DNA Production special release means exceptional work, a work that demands much more time, attention to details, emotional exertion, preliminary planning and involvement of some people outside the label.

As for now, compilations and «Short Drones» series are the special things DNA Production is proud of.


At the early stage DNA Production releases as many as four compilations which consist of many nice tracks that were not included in standard releases. It was beautiful works but next three compilations became most important as they combine tracks not by genre but by concept. Here is a few lines about those compilations.

Short Drones

DNA Production’s «Short Drones» is a string of short releases made in drone ambient way. This series has been started in late 2008 and now includes many exceptional works. Please find here all the «Short Drones» releases and learn about features peculiar to those releases: as it’s written above, it should be made in drone ambient genre and should not be longer than 30 minutes and not shorter than 15 minutes (single track or several tracks as a whole, it doesn’t matter).