The Label

DNA Production logoDNA Production is a nonprofit digital label focused on releasing selected albums done in dark ambient, drone ambient, noise and many other related genres. All works are released under Creative Common License for free distribution all over the world via Internet.

Here DNA doesn’t mean deoxyribonucleic acid. It simply stands for Drone (ambient), Noise and (dark) Ambient – these are the fields where the label’s activities are taking place.

There are some ups and downs in the DNA Production life since it has been started in the late 2007.

Within a year of this occurrence, a small group of industrial culture fans decided to run a digital label as a part of their virtual community. A guy known there as Seclorum or SCM was the mastermind of this label called .NBK Records, and under this label he managed to release a string of impressive works during 2007.

By the end of the 2007 .NBK Records collected many works of various genres, and then Seclorum decided to run three sub-labels to release most of these different works. One of them was DNA Production intended to be a place for darkest and noisiest music pieces sent to .NBK Records.

In a short period DNA Production released twenty albums, but soon Seclorum has switched to new project which included other two sub-labels. Thus DNA Production has been abandoned in spring 2008 as well as its parent label .NBK Records.

DNA Production was popular among aforesaid community, and later a member of this community known as dh has accepted the offer from Seclorum to proceed with releasing music under DNA Production label. After some preparations the label was restarted in August 2008 with 21th release containing a part of live performance by Russian industrial project Kromeshna.

Since that times DNA Production has developed in a respected but little known digital micro label. According to its owner intentions, primarily it was intended for promoting works of beginner industrial acts.

It was changed dramatically after three exhausting years of releasing three works each month. In 2011 DNA Production has eventually became alter ego for its owner. It has stopped all activities in promotion and turned to a bit isolationist entity expressing its owner’s musical tastes. Since then DNA Production just exists, waits in the deeps of the Web, and sometimes releases nice works sent by people who find the label in the Internet.

From the start and up to the present DNA Production remains nonprofit. The project is dedicated to musicians who give their music for nothing, and DNA Production should be as unselfish as they are. So every visitor can get here a musical work he wants to listen without any fees and with minimal restrictions according to Creative Common License.

DNA Production is not only the Seclorum’s or dh’s creation. There were some wonderful people who help DNA Production in its development. Vitaly Maklakov granted a string of his works to the label and supported DNA Production later providing various releases with his stunning artworks. Knell worked hard mastering, promoting and designing some releases which were crucial for DNA Production. The logo placed at this page is Knell’s work too. Marc-Henri Arfeux helped a lot with promoting DNA Production among French independent musicians. ky (Null, Somnium) has revived «Short Drones» series and later sent two his DNA Production releases printed on CD-Rs with beautiful artworks.

And finally all DNA Production musicians and listeners help the label every time when they send their works or visit this website in search for new industrial tunes.

 — drohnenton (dh), DNA Production (summer 2014)