Get involved, musicians

While listeners are the people for whom DNA Production were made and still running, musicians are the people who give the label a great opportunity to provide listeners with best samples of independent post-industrial tunes for free.
At this page DNA Production offers musicians some advices how to cooperate with the label and what the conditions are there to fulfill by musicians who want to release their works at DNA Production.

If a musician wants to send DNA Production his/her recordings, what should he/she know?

First of all, give a link to the recordings. The best way is to pack the files in zip archive and to upload it to any free filehosting and then send the link via DNA Production contact page. Easier but awkward way is to send links to tracks uploaded to social networks such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Please provide links to recordings you want to release at DNA Production. Links to separate tracks are always likely to be ignored.

DNA Production waits for your recordings encoded in mp3 or FLAC formats. Please use the best quality encoding (i.e. lossless) if possible.
Sending your messages with links, please make sure that you provide correct e-mail address and your name or your project title.

Also there are some requirements imposed.

DNA Production is not interested in incomplete works or single short tracks. Please send your recordings made as a complete album.

The label is focused on some genres such as dark ambient, drone ambient, noise, abstract electronic music and few related genres. It means that works made in mentioned genres will be selected for releasing. Works of other genres will be ignored.

And the last but not least: DNA Production is about to release only new, previously unreleased works. So please do not ask DNA Production to release your works which were already out at other labels with same tracklisting and title. But self-released works (printed on CD-Rs or uploaded in Internet) is OK.

How to get in contact with DNA Production?

As mentioned above, sending DNA Production links to your recordings is just filling and submitting contact form here.

Sending your messages, note that DNA Production does not answer and does not enter into a correspondence with senders whose demo-recordings were rejected. Also the label does not answer questions related to conditions and requirements stated here at this page.

If one’s demo-recordings were approved by DNA Production, what things are required for release?

Here is the basic list of things required for making release.

  • audio files in WAV-format or in other lossless formats (if demo-recordings were encoded in mp3),
  • titles for project, album and tracks (if tracks aren’t properly named/ tagged ),
  • graphic files to make release artworks, front and back (size 600×600 pixels or more); back cover is optional but if it’s submitted then it’s required to place URL / there,
  • some info about the album (optional),
  • any image for project’s page at this website with size 300×300 pixels or more (skip it if you’re already have works released by DNA Production),
  • info about project for project’s page at this website (skip it if you’re already have works released by DNA Production).

What else musicians should know about cooperation with DNA Production?

If DNA Production has agreed to release one’s work, it does not imply any deadlines or other liabilities except special provisions between the sides.

When asking to release his/her work, a musician ipso facto confirms that all materials (including sounds and images) he/her provided are not copyright protected objects.

According to Creative Common License, DNA Production does not block any attempts of re-releasing albums from DNA Production catalogue. Quite the contrary, the label welcomes it.