Get involved, listeners

Listeners are the most important people for DNA Production. As it’s written here, DNA Production is a label for post-industrial music listeners created by post-industrial music fans. The mission of the label is simple: to bring selected new industrial tunes to people who would love it; to bring it free of charge and easy for further non-commercial distribution.

So welcome and find below some advices for listener interested in DNA Production releases.

What is allowed here and what is not?

All DNA Production works are released under Creative Common License so everyone can read summary of the license. If someone does not want to read there, DNA Production offers some advices built on that summary.

Yon can download DNA Production releases for free. You can share it with other people, copy it on your media, redistribute it in other ways and re-encode it in any format.

But you may not use DNA Production releases for commercial purposes. While you are sharing a release, you must provide the name of the author and a link to the page where the work was published. Also are not allowed to redistribute DNA Production releases under another license.

Where can you get DNA Production releases?

All the releases are stored at the Internet Archive. This huge multi-purpose virtual library allows you to download all files included in the releases, to download lo-fi audio derivatives, to listen to the releases online, to read label’s press releases and users’ reviews, to search for other works using tags or search form.

If you get releases at the Internet Archive, what else DNA Production website can offer?

DNA Production will keep you informed about various news related to the label. You can visit the website occasionally, subscribe to notifications of new posts or follow our RSS feed. Also you can find some information about artists you may be interested in. For the people new to the label, DNA Production website offers some guides (you’re reading one of them right now), set of selected works or samplers to listen in the first place. Also you can browse releases by genre or by artist.

Another great opportunity DNA Production website provides is the contact form which can be used for sending your feedbacks. Your thoughts about releases or the label and this website are welcome. Please feel free to contact the label in any case. DNA Production encourages you to inform us about new reviews of the label’s releases or including it in podcasts or about any other activities related to DNA Production.