System Morgue – «Distress»

Cat.# … DNA 202
Release Date … 05.02.2018
Genre … Drone, Guitar Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Impassive short chords repetition collects acid clouds of disquiet and frustration. You stare inward, concentrate on chords’ black spiral which digs in pulsing tissues of memory extracting and reeling up melodies of your colourful remembrances. The black spiral exacerbates concentration and self-isolation and occasionally helps to reach various states from ecstatic burst to catatonic gazing into the void. But soon disquiet and frustration return with the snatch of sullen blues and eventually corrode it with distorted guitar screams bringing it to mental derangement.

Thick and rough chords lay shredded just like wisps of fog in the sky wrapped up by continuous grey overcast of blurry drones. The sky seems sometimes flat, sometimes deep. Like in a nightmare, it falls upon little man stretching on the ground. Or does the man fall through that grey layer of drones? Feeling of distress keeps him depressed. It overwhelms with depleting waves, wrings his entrails with hard loops of discolored guitar chords. With ridiculously waving hands, little man continues his fall upward in the bleak inhomogeneous thick layer of despair. The little man tries to hide in his subconsciousness, to tear up the whirls of distress which are pulling him upwards. Blots of sonorous chords attempt to penetrate fading nothingness but drown in waves of resonant drones while inanimate sonic wind finally disperses pale blurs of little man’s remembrances with vibrating metal strings.


  1. System Morgue – Collecting Clouds (03:54)
  2. System Morgue – Void Gaze (10:09)
  3. System Morgue – Rat Blues (06:24)
  4. System Morgue – Distress (20:00)

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System Morgue – «Forêt Noire»

Cat.# … DNA 197
Release Date … 06.07.2017
Genre … Drone, Guitar Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

System Morgue takes you to the Forêt Noire full of phobias, forgotten dreams and imagery trapped deep in subliminal levels. Follow dense guitar drones, dissolve your emotions and thoughts in their vibrations, submerge in sleepy meditation.

Bunches of short mechanistic loops slowly pulsate behind stolid guitar chords, boost and mirror them, intensifying sonic pressure, spinning sound waves and locking them into spiral. Then pulsation become more frequent, anxiety grows and bursts with high-frequencey guitar yells and melody shreds cacophony in panicky rhythm. Short breather after panic attack, and sound pressure takes over again. Waves of guitar chords tighten distorted melodies in an uneven helix, sometimes ascending to hysterical crescendo, sometimes collapsing in melancholic alienation.


  1. System Morgue – Racines (09:39)
  2. System Morgue – Myrte (06:36)
  3. System Morgue – Forêt Noire (20:34)
  4. System Morgue – Sang (05:05)

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Accent Aigu & System Morgue – «Sand Textures»

Cat.# … DNA 191
Release Date … 29.03.2017
Genre … Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Earth lives its life regardless of people, regardless of our activities. Earth just lives, and storms change calm, dawns follow dusks, flowers’ bloom ends up with exhausted trees’ withering. Earth lives and slowly transforms mountains to plains, then slowly fills the plains with water. Thousands years later the seas die and turn to deserts, spaces without water but with myriads of pieces of shattered matter. In a new sand sea, myriads of withered grits heat up under sunlight and get scattered by the wind around the world.

The Wanderer’s first sees inanimate and stopped time. By the second glance, he learns The Great Simoom and storms of the sands driven by hot winds. And then The Wanderer accepts this essential, unquenchable, and enigmatic Life that exists everywhere and do not need the presence.


  1. Accent Aigu – Coinneachadh Ris An Stoirm (08:30)
  2. System Morgue – Tempête De Sable (10:30)
  3. System Morgue – Aridité (10:00)
  4. Accent Aigu – Virgin Of Sand Scythe (07:16)

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System Morgue & iatemyself – «Split»

Cat.# … DNA 181
Release Date … 16.05.2016
Genre … Drone, Noise
Type … FLAC

Here is next System Morgue’s return to DNA Production, this time as a split work shared with another Moscow-based project iatemyself.

In his two-tracks part System Morgue fills up air with guitar drones where vibrating, shivering consonances mix with heavy breathing pulsations, and fragmentary sonic images comprise a sickly acoustic illusion occasionally teared by sound upsurges of distorted guitar neurasthenia. Sometimes it looks like a drift towards areas of guitar noise but in fact it happens in iatemyself’s three-tracks part where jumble of electrical interferences and distorted sounds boils up. This dense and physically perceived sonic cloud presses ears with low-frequency waves while high-frequency bursts split and lumps together this uneasy acoustic mass making visible its parts and then stepping back for a moment to let see the whole panorama of enraged sonic elements.


  1. System Morgue – Mourir de ne pas mourir (10:50)
  2. System Morgue – Jours de pluie (14:11)
  3. iatemyself – Guess I’ve Been There Before (03:07)
  4. iatemyself – Syntony (11:56)
  5. iatemyself – Whotoldyouthat (05:49)

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System Morgue – «Gegenstrom»

Cat.# … DNA 150
Release Date … 09.09.2013
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

With full-length work «Gegenstrom» System Morgue continues his journey through territories of raw and powerful drone ambient which was started in previous short work «lvx.abyssvs».

Now it returns: deep as a sea, hollow and a bit noisy sound with low-frequency waves of chaotically pulsing drones and long loops of heavily processed guitar riffs wandering beneath the surface.


  1. System Morgue – Liegeplatz (06:06)
  2. System Morgue – Atlantik (27:00)
  3. System Morgue – Blitzlichter (03:05)
  4. System Morgue – Abdrift (14:00)
  5. System Morgue – Gegenstrom (05:07)

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System Morgue – «lvx.abyssvs»

Cat.# … DNA 148
Release Date … 25.05.2013
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

In his new work «lvx.abyssvs», Russian industrial artist known as System Morgue turns to noisy and quite cacophonous drone ambient. «lvx.abyssvs» is short by time but it offers a lot of intense rough drones flying over dark gloomy soundscapes filled with waves of something thick and heavy sounding like a guitar noise.


  1. System Morgue – Lux (06:50)
  2. System Morgue – Abyssus (16:47)

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Epsilon Eridani and others in Sadayatana Podcast #48

Tracks by Epsilon Eridani, Fosel, Leonid M. Zhest’, C1-117, Xalm Retribution, Inner Struggle, Fornax, System Morgue, macabro, Zreen Toyz and Itzli have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #48 «Sleeping Mind» (October 07, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #48 «Sleeping Mind»