Fosel – «Equilibria»

Cat.# … DNA 61
Release Date … 10.09.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Nearly two years ago DNA Production was ran, and the first release in its catalogue was Fosel’s work called «Triangulum». Now, after sixty albums released, DNA Production proudly presents «Equilibria», the new release from Fosel.

Stylistically this work is similar to «Triangulum» but a little bit deeper and integral. It has the same background, abstract sound spaces harmonious in its minimality. Spaces are different for each track but are always constructed from atomic and elastic sound waves with the smallest cracklings, rustles and other concrete sounds. In these spaces melancholic melodies appear and go away imperceptibly, gentle melodies for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Also «Equilibria» inherits finely balanced composition and expert sound processing which makes it possible to reach its staggering extensionality and transparency.

Artworks are by Fosel.


  1. Fosel – I (06:08)
  2. Fosel – II (04:20)
  3. Fosel – III (05:08)
  4. Fosel – IV (04:16)
  5. Fosel – V (06:32)
  6. Fosel – VI (06:19)
  7. Fosel – VII (04:51)
  8. Fosel – VIII (06:00)
  9. Fosel – IX (03:48)

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