Xalm Retribution – «The Last Scar On Urbanization Body»

Cat.# … DNA 104
Release Date … 20.02.2011
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Xalm Retribution presents his new work called «The Last Scar On Urbanization Body» created in true dark ambient way – sombre, hollow, cold.

These six tracks carry a despair of wind caught in a cage of dead city. Six songs of fear and anguish emanated by millions people perished. Six laments of voiceless concrete walls and crying broken windows. Six hymns for emptiness, a heiress of self-destructed civilization.

Artwork by Xalm Retribution.


  1. Xalm Retribution – Graveyard (06:38)
  2. Xalm Retribution – The Scratch Of Concrete Tombs (06:41)
  3. Xalm Retribution – Funeral Jazz (06:37)
  4. Xalm Retribution – The Apocalypse Industry (06:14)
  5. Xalm Retribution – Dungeon (05:55)
  6. Xalm Retribution – The Last Scar On Urbanization Body (06:14)

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