Paul Minesweeper – «White Swarm»

Cat.# … DNA 206
Release Date … 20.03.2019
Genre … Drone, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Developing ideas of the previous work “Kingdom of Grey“, Paul Minesweeper release new work which appears to be something between a classic drone ambient and a distorted guitar drone. Now this distinctive drone-ambient project hailing from St.Petersburg, Russia, goes with a clear emphasis on aggression, frustration, sadness and disappointment rather than overall neutrality, and adds some elements of post-metal and rhythmic industrial.

You can find there clear influence of such iconic projects as Bad Sector, Ben Frost, Saåad and Nadja as well as original distorted drones and noises passed through a prism of St.Petersburg’s gray and depressive winter. Light melodic background is finally added to this sullen atmosphere for better balance.

There are a lot of loneliness, self-discovery, rare glimpses of pacification and hope and project traditional wall of noise broken by analogue distortions and digital noises for loyal fans and tenacious listeners.


  1. Paul Minesweeper – Grim Phoenix (04:40)
  2. Paul Minesweeper – Construction Site (08:09)
  3. Paul Minesweeper & Antethic – Kyoto (08:52)
  4. Paul Minesweeper – Pale Love (07:32)
  5. Paul Minesweeper – White Swarm (06:00)
  6. Paul Minesweeper – 8000 (07:40)
  7. Paul Minesweeper – Digital Martyrs (05:38)
  8. Paul Minesweeper – Time Is A Lie (04:37)
  9. Paul Minesweeper – And You Have No Choice (13:28)
  10. Paul Minesweeper – Watch The World’s Embers (05:14)

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