Zreen Toyz – «The Timeless Topographer»

Zreen Toyz - «The Timeless Topographer»Cat.# … DNA 109
Release Date … 24.05.2011
Genre … Electroacoustic, Post-Concrete, Ambient, Noise, Experimental, Electronic
Type … FLAC Lossless

The perception of a space, urban or natural, is a sensory process which differs from a person to the other one.

Through his equipment, a topographer have mainly a geometrical and visual perception, while a walker, or a traveller, use his hearing and olfactive perceptions besides his vision, an approach at once instinctive and poetic.

But we could imagine a topographer dreamer and poet whose sensory processes harmonize to form an imaginary and timeless landscape…
This is the idea of this album which invites us in an imaginary and timeless world, outside our usual perceptions.

Music composed, performed, and produced by Zreen Toyz.
Recorded first quarter 2009 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Coeur de Beauce.
Mastered at Scoz Mastering Suite, Coeur de Beauce, France.
Design by Zreen Toyz & Graph’Hypnotic.


  1. Zreen Toyz – Wide Flatland (06:06)
  2. Zreen Toyz – Disturbed Zoos At Phase One (05:52)
  3. Zreen Toyz – Geomatic Lineaments (10:21)
  4. Zreen Toyz – Disturbed Zoos At Phase Two (06:17)
  5. Zreen Toyz – Pataphysical Oscillators (07:55)
  6. Zreen Toyz – Moon Over Wide Flatland (07:59)
  7. Zreen Toyz – The Timeless Topographer (08:50)
  8. Zreen Toyz – Incongruous Talk From Theodolite (11:18)

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Dodeccaheedron, Epsilon Eridani and LN 313 in Sadayatana Podcast #10

Tracks by Dodeccaheedron, Epsilon Eridani and LN 313 have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #10 «Tale of The Lost Boat» (January 22, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #10 «Tale of The Lost Boat»

Wehwalt – «Lacrima Christi»

Wehwalt - «Lacrima Christi»Cat.# … DNA 95
Release Date … 15.09.2010
Genre … Industrial, Noise, Abstract
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

«Lacrima Christi» is an unreleased album that has been originally recorded live in 2004 at the music festival in Jamet Hall at Saint-Herblain, France.
This enhanced version was out as ultra-limited self-released cassette (10 copies).

«Lacrima Christi» is influenced by long period of excessive alcohol consumption (in particular famous Italian wine) and by author’s atheist conviction.


  1. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 1 (07:00)
  2. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 2 (07:00)
  3. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 3 (07:00)
  4. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 4 (07:00)
  5. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 5 (07:00)
  6. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 6 (06:00)

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Fear Konstruktor – «The Sound Of Snow»

Fear Konstruktor - «The Sound Of Snow»Cat.# … DNA 82
Release Date … 30.03.2010
Genre … Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

Fear Konstruktor was one of few artists who participated in .NBK Records activities. Certainly it’s a reason to be very interested in Fear Konstruktor materials but there is no need to make advances for this project. «The Sound Of Snow» appears as mature work showing a way of development chosen by the project.

Heavy dark ambient layers torn by dense abrasive noises, half suppressed feedbacks, atmosphere of sound pressure – all five tracks propose its own balance between extremely heavy ambient and hypnotic noise.

There are no aggression or power electronic provocations here but obviously the best term to describe this work is heavy electronics.

Artwork by Fear Konstruktor.


  1. Fear Konstruktor – Counterfeit Reality (06:00)
  2. Fear Konstruktor – The Slowed Down Movement (07:00)
  3. Fear Konstruktor – Voice Of Dove (06:25)
  4. Fear Konstruktor – Lights Behind The Mountains (07:01)
  5. Fear Konstruktor – Scent Of Ink (07:57)

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Post Mortem – «Full Mouth»

Post Mortem - «Full Mouth»Cat.# … DNA 78
Release Date … 20.02.2010
Genre … Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Full Mouth» is the second release of Post Mortem about intimate home and amateur movies on internet. Movies without music, just the sound of the video-recorder and the room where the video is taken and, of course, sounds from the throats of the people who are filmed.

The composition is a reflection about submission, power and being a star.

Artwork by Jan Kees Helms.


  1. Post Mortem – Full Mouth (22:14)

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Wialenove – «Sirens From The Sea»

Wialenove - «Sirens From The Sea»Cat.# … DNA 73
Release Date … 30.12.2009
Genre … Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

It’s very sensory work. It makes listener to sense a sound in the noise, to feel a rhythm in this chaos. To forget rules. To destroy rules and to create a new rule consisting of destroying all other rules.

Close a loop, repeat it many times, find an equilibrium inside yourself. Reach a resonance, set your feeling free, let the resonanting waves crush, break, dissolve your consciousness. Fall into noise, vanish away in incipient chaos, find the sound in the noise, find the structure in the chaos. Twine chaos in loops, pulsing loops on the framework of the rhythm. Get a form, get rules, destroy that rules, break that form…

Wialenove creates intricate allusion to Masami Akita’s works. Sea sirens (whales indeed) whistle enthusiastically, storm wind roars, ocean breathes. Ship’s rusty boards cut waves cheeks. Their bitter acid splashes erode rough steel. Dolphins ultrasound tears radio waves, distortes Morse code, blows up tympanic membranes. Maddened seagulls rush between grey clouds and dark waves crushing ship tacle.

«Sirens From The Sea», a psychedelic cacophony for dadaist relax.

Voice samples in «Sirens From The Sea Pt.1» – Guillaume Apollinaire, «Futurism & Dada Reviewed» compilation, track #9 «Le Pont Mirabeau (1912)».
«Destoroyah (Livwe With Velocity Zero)» is bonus track not included in official tracklisting.


  1. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.1 (11:19)
  2. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.2 (07:57)
  3. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.3 (10:40)
  4. Wialenove – Destoroyah (Livwe With Velocity Zero) (06:03)

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Drugcomputer – «Catalepsy Documents»

Drugcomputer - «Catalepsy Documents»Cat.# … DNA 65
Release Date … 20.10.2009
Genre … Abstract, Noise, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«…24-bit coconuts and 32-bit pineapples. A new knowledge recognition is discrete. New one or nothing. The zero or the one.
Neuron/axon entity raised in metal box. Views modelling with sounds of images. But all the same, organic envelope with some speaking/thinking device is just an cyberorganic attachment to computer…»

In this abstract noise/ambient album Russian noise project Drugcomputer explores how they see the progressive process of society cybernation, how human individuals depend on it and which consequences are behind this process.

Uncommon for Russian digital noise sound rarefaction and smoothness as well as balance and absolute inhumanity in concept distinguish this work.

Artworks for the release are made by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Drugcomputer – Document 01 (04:14)
  2. Drugcomputer – Document 02 (03:16)
  3. Drugcomputer – Document 03 (03:51)
  4. Drugcomputer – Document 04 (10:23)
  5. Drugcomputer – Document 05 (09:19)

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