Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – «Obscure Action»

Coph'antae Tryr & 581С - «Obscure Action»Cat.# … DNA 62
Release Date … 20.09.2009
Genre … Noise, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

This collaborative work between two Russian industrial artists consists of six diverse pieces – deep, primitive and dark.

All these tracks are composed on basis of heavy and a bit noisy dark ambient layers saturated with raw and hollow industrial rumble. And on this basis abstract noise associations create unique constructions – somewhere rare, somewhere intensive, looped or unstructured.

Prevailing in the first half, noise inclusions reach the highest mark at short interlude called «THJHJHGI2». Then it instantly makes way for droning raw soundscapes occasionally appearing as faint minor sounds while hollow dark ambient layers seem to fill whole world around.

Artworks for the release are made by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – VRNMRNRLA (08:40)
  2. Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – MSBLGAAA (08:11)
  3. Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – THJHJHGI2 (02:46)
  4. Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – HSBHSHOU (06:01)
  5. Coph’antae Tryr & 581С – WDTRCTLNG (05:26)

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aCAU – «Shinchoku Joukyou»

aCAU - «Shinchoku Joukyou»Cat.# … DNA 51
Release Date … 10.06.2009
Genre … Noise, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Experimental project aCAU’s debut work was created in a style reminiscent of K.K. Null guitar noise experiments.

Despite Japanese titles for the album and tracks, aCAU retains its unique creativity. «Shinchoku Joukyou» has softer and distinctive sound and focuses on post-industrial experiments.

Artworks for this release were made by aCAU.


  1. aCAU – Motomeru (06:16)
  2. aCAU – Yobidashi (12:54)
  3. aCAU – Shinsei To Kutsujoku (04:21)
  4. aCAU – Shin Shisutemu (04:35)
  5. aCAU – Shingou Ki (12:35)

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Le Futurisme – «No Proyecto»

Le Futurisme - «No Proyecto»Cat.# … DNA 48
Release Date … 10.05.2009
Genre … Noise, Industrial, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

This album is consists of spontaneously composed soundworks created in 2000-2002. Clear, abstract and 100% electronic sound made a snapshot of author mental state and describes world around him.

Originally all these works were short projects created using the method of «compose-listen-forget». But times passed by and new cycles begin. Outer world keeps its state of unsteadiness and transiency…

All you see now is a semblance, not reality…

Artworks by Le Futurisme.


  1. Le Futurisme – Oscuridad Genesiaca (03:00)
  2. Le Futurisme – Principio De La Inexistencia (04:20)
  3. Le Futurisme – El Ruido-Sonido (08:01)
  4. Le Futurisme – La Percepcion De Cero (08:16)
  5. Le Futurisme – Rotacion Electro-Tecnica (04:13)
  6. Le Futurisme – Baile Sobre Los Huesos (02:58)

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Acousmata – «Ether Theft»

Acousmata - «Ether Theft»Cat.# … DNA 44
Release Date … 02.04.2009
Genre … Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Who stands behind your door? Who watches you while you are taking shower? Who whispers to your ear late at night?
Look around – they’re everywhere: at TV, on radio, in every magazine. They control your mind, your body and your soul.
But don’t be afraid, play by your own rules. And remember that our enemy is a dreamless sleep.

Dedicated to my sister (01.03.1972-08.01.2009), I know you’re still with us.»


  1. Acousmata – Ham Revelations (00:33)
  2. Acousmata – Caged Birds Shall Fly Again (02:43)
  3. Acousmata – Some Boys Like Harsh Toys (06:41)
  4. Acousmata – The Voice Of Dying Bureaucracy (03:25)
  5. Acousmata – To The Void (14:11)
  6. Acousmata – Make It Slow (04:07)
  7. Acousmata – Reflections (06:14)
  8. Acousmata – Dead Aliens Do Abuse (10:00)
  9. Acousmata – That’s The Effect Of Living Backwards (06:30)
  10. Acousmata – Re-Assembled Reflections (Acousmata & Vanum) (06:16)

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Хладнокровье 616 & Applecore – «Split»

Хладнокровье 616 & Applecore - «Split»Cat.# … DNA 43
Release Date … 22.03.2009
Genre … Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production presents another noise release: collaborative work of well-known experimental project Applecore and new noise project Хладнокровье 616 (Hladnokrovie 616).

Album starts with long track written by Hladnokrovie 616. It consists of three parts and is full of dense abrasive waves of hollow and chaotic digital noise.

Applecore contributed three tracks made in the way of classic noise collages: distorted rhythmes and melodies mix with noise fragments.

Album crowns with collaborative work – long noise/ambient track with psychedelic influence.


  1. Хладнокровье 616 – Меланхолия полета / Могильная пыль / Осколок памяти (Melancholy Of Flight / Grave Dust / Memory Fragment) (20:46)
  2. Applecore – Cold Wind (07:09)
  3. Applecore – Power Birds (08:21)
  4. Applecore – Noise Eros (11:18)
  5. Хладнокровье 616 & Applecore – Valko Baglama (15:07)

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LN 313 & CrepusculaR – «Stacautumn»

LN 313 & CrepusculaR - «Stacautumn»Cat.# … DNA 31
Release Date … 03.12.2008
Genre … Dark Ambient, Noise
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

DNA Production presents another split album. This time LN 313 and CrepusculaR share the release contributing three tracks and one long track, respectively.

Russian one-man project LN 313 creates raw mix of abstract noises and lo-fi dark ambient with hollow underground sound. According to author, these tracks describe autumn’s static nature.

CrepusculaR’s contribution is a long dark ambient track composed in usual CrepusculaR’s way – intense, dense and multilayer, with strong noise influence.

Artworks by LN 313.


  1. LN 313 – Satanicjour (R 0.97) (5:14)
  2. LN 313 – Satanicnoir (R 0.99) (2:46)
  3. LN 313 – Satanicsour (R 0.98) (6:35)
  4. CrepusculaR – Low Astral Invokation (18:19)

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813 – «Self-Exhumation Session»

813 - «Self-Exhumation Session»Cat.# … DNA 26
Release Date … 21.10.2008
Genre … Noise, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night… and don’t want to do anything… and understand that another soul-searching is useless but nevertheless…

Unthinkingly I turn a wheel trying to tune old tube radio. There is no pop music at night but my radio is old and a bit noisy. Stations are tuning through walls of radionoise. They attract with far bright pictures and clear rhythms. But my radio is the only thing around me. I hold tight the wheel continuing my tuning. It’s nice to imagine that there are other people lost in radio waves. They have their own troubles. They are tuning too.

It’s nice to be alone here but not to be all alone.

Drifting in radionoise I turn the wheel. To new station. Towards new spectral world… Travel upon old radio tuning scale…

Noise/ambient collage with lo-fi ambient layers and elastic trip-hop loops drifting in waves of harsh radionoise.

Despite this genre is notoriously mere and heterogeneous, «Self-Exhumation Session» wins with the harmonious combination of incompatible parts. Harsh noise sound accentuates complete and fine rhythmic loops. Chaotic ambient layers express deliberate thoughtlessness. But later you will see the whole surprising harmony of this work. And then you’ll realize how author can manipulate listener’s attention and how well he can compose.

Artwork by 813.


  1. 813 – Self-Exhumation Session (24:39)

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GTI & Obozdur – «Свалка бетонных изделий»

GTI & Obozdur - «Свалка бетонных изделий»Cat.# … DNA 23
Release Date … 20.09.2008
Genre … Dark Ambient, Noise
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

First part is waiting for an outburst.

Vibrating in tension walls of dark ambient are transpierced with microsounds of anisochronously bursting interatomic links.
Noises pierce ambient walls. They instantly spread through reinforcement net, crumpling and destructing. It’s just like sudden pain pierces body and burn nerves.

And then a furious swirling comes in second part. Abrasive noise outbursts are overflowed with analogue noise blows.
After a few minutes of clash both sides are taken up by hot steam of boiler house curling noise just a seconds before explosion that will ruin boiler leaving only concrete slab fragments with rusty reinforcement scraps…

This Russian projects GTI and Obozdur collaborative work results in explosive blend of dark ambient and noise with dense and rich sound.

Artwork (front) by Seclorum, artwork (back) by Obozdur.
Mastered by Seclorum.


  1. GTI & Obozdur – Сумрачные тени прошлого (Gloom Shadows Of Past) (8:55)
  2. GTI & Obozdur – Ржавый армированный скелет (Rusty Reinforced Skeleton) (10:44)

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Vorlokh & Ad Serpentae – «Split»

Vorlokh & Ad Serpentae - «Split»Cat.# … DNA 18
Release Date … 10.03.2008
Genre … Noise
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

This split release between Vorlokh and Ad Serpentae consists of abrasive digital noise and ambient-like noise based on guitar feedbacks.


  1. Vorlokh – Ground 1 (6:07)
  2. Vorlokh – Ground 4 (8:45)
  3. Ad Serpentae – Distant View [Cut] (15:08)

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Cya_Night – «Belligerency With The World»

Cya_Night - «Belligerency With The World»Cat.# … DNA 11
Release Date … 05.03.2008
Genre … Ambient, Noise, Experimental
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

This album was recorded in 2006.

It describes cold, dark and aggressive essence of modern megapolis sodden with emanation of human beings’ pain, hate, indifference and depression.


  1. Cya_Night – Crushed (5:50)
  2. Cya_Night – Lost Silence (2:01)
  3. Cya_Night – Pure Hatred (4:39)
  4. Cya_Night – Dead Flesh (1:36)
  5. Cya_Night – Pulse (0:39)
  6. Cya_Night – Surrender (0:50)
  7. Cya_Night – Rhythm Of Night (0:58)
  8. Cya_Night – Alone In City (0:48)
  9. Cya_Night – …For Blood (4:08)

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