Fear Konstruktor – «The Sound Of Snow»

Cat.# … DNA 82
Release Date … 30.03.2010
Genre … Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

Fear Konstruktor was one of few artists who participated in .NBK Records activities. Certainly it’s a reason to be very interested in Fear Konstruktor materials but there is no need to make advances for this project. «The Sound Of Snow» appears as mature work showing a way of development chosen by the project.

Heavy dark ambient layers torn by dense abrasive noises, half suppressed feedbacks, atmosphere of sound pressure – all five tracks propose its own balance between extremely heavy ambient and hypnotic noise.

There are no aggression or power electronic provocations here but obviously the best term to describe this work is heavy electronics.

Artwork by Fear Konstruktor.


  1. Fear Konstruktor – Counterfeit Reality (06:00)
  2. Fear Konstruktor – The Slowed Down Movement (07:00)
  3. Fear Konstruktor – Voice Of Dove (06:25)
  4. Fear Konstruktor – Lights Behind The Mountains (07:01)
  5. Fear Konstruktor – Scent Of Ink (07:57)

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