Dodeccaheedron – «The Sounds Of Drifting Mind Fields»

Cat.# … DNA 100
Release Date … 15.01.2011
Genre … Dark Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Nature’s way is to leave no residue
All is absorbed
Therefore we treasure the «least of man»
All belongs
All is salvaged
Nothing is rejected
This is called Stealing the Light…
Nature’s subtle secret»
From «Psychedelic Prayers» by Timothy Leary

Worlds are born, Worlds pass away into the abyss of nothingness. The inhabitants of some are involved into the act, but cannot influence anything. Those can contemplate only. The others who do not belong to the fading Worlds can observe the course of the Universal history from outside. Who we are, living in one of myriad of Worlds of the Universe, – contemplators or the beheld? There is no answer.

The nature of Dodeccaheedron is the basic shape of the Universe. He is the Object and the Subject at the same time. Worlds are born, live, die and transform inside of it into something obscure to its own understanding while its embodiment lasts. Dodeccaheedron catches the Worlds with Attention, listens to their voices, watches them impartially and at the same time goes through all their emotions. There is nothing that’s beyond us. This album is echo of the End of Worlds of «N’harg’ho Vedu» and the beginning of the saga of a new «Green World» creation.

Being in current consciousness stream of the reality, Dodeccaheedron operates with its matters to compose sound canvas, because the vibrations of reality lying outside the limits of perception cannot be heard by most of the reality inhabitants. Sounds, noises, voices and songs heard in this World as well as Dodeccaheedron’s poetry were utilized to give life to this unique creation.


  1. Dodeccaheedron – The End Of Worlds Of N’harg’ho Vedu (05:28)
  2. Dodeccaheedron – Healing Song For Shredded Souls (04:45)
  3. Dodeccaheedron – Low Aether Inspirations (07:59)
  4. Dodeccaheedron – Second Song From The Vice Versa World (06:02)
  5. Dodeccaheedron – Monotone (Remastered And Long) (07:34)
  6. Dodeccaheedron – Beksinski (03:00)
  7. Dodeccaheedron – Outtro-Fellatio (01:45)

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