Wialenove – «Sirens From The Sea»

Wialenove - «Sirens From The Sea»Cat.# … DNA 73
Release Date … 30.12.2009
Genre … Noise
Type … FLAC Lossless

It’s very sensory work. It makes listener to sense a sound in the noise, to feel a rhythm in this chaos. To forget rules. To destroy rules and to create a new rule consisting of destroying all other rules.

Close a loop, repeat it many times, find an equilibrium inside yourself. Reach a resonance, set your feeling free, let the resonanting waves crush, break, dissolve your consciousness. Fall into noise, vanish away in incipient chaos, find the sound in the noise, find the structure in the chaos. Twine chaos in loops, pulsing loops on the framework of the rhythm. Get a form, get rules, destroy that rules, break that form…

Wialenove creates intricate allusion to Masami Akita’s works. Sea sirens (whales indeed) whistle enthusiastically, storm wind roars, ocean breathes. Ship’s rusty boards cut waves cheeks. Their bitter acid splashes erode rough steel. Dolphins ultrasound tears radio waves, distortes Morse code, blows up tympanic membranes. Maddened seagulls rush between grey clouds and dark waves crushing ship tacle.

«Sirens From The Sea», a psychedelic cacophony for dadaist relax.

Voice samples in «Sirens From The Sea Pt.1» – Guillaume Apollinaire, «Futurism & Dada Reviewed» compilation, track #9 «Le Pont Mirabeau (1912)».
«Destoroyah (Livwe With Velocity Zero)» is bonus track not included in official tracklisting.


  1. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.1 (11:19)
  2. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.2 (07:57)
  3. Wialenove – Sirens From The Sea Pt.3 (10:40)
  4. Wialenove – Destoroyah (Livwe With Velocity Zero) (06:03)

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