Zreen Toyz – «Pocket Recycling»

Zreen Toyz - «Pocket Recycling»Cat.# … DNA 127
Release Date … 10.03.2012
Genre … Electroacoustic, Post-Concrete, Ambient, Noise, Experimental, Electronic
Type … FLAC Lossless

With weird and cold atmospheres lacerated by strange ambient noises, Zreen Toyz paints poisoned industrial landscapes.

We produce more and more industrial wastes but we recycle them by small quantities: we made a pocket recycling.

For future generations, it would be necessary to think at a recycling on large scales, otherwise we soon risk to live in a world of wastes…

Music Composed, performed and produced by Zreen Toyz.

Recorded second quarter 2009 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Cœur de Beauce.
Mastered at Scoz Mastering Suite, Cœur de Beauce, France.

Photography by Ironside.
Design by Zreen Toyz & Graph’Hypnotic.


  1. Zreen Toyz – Pianistic Refining Vault (10:00)
  2. Zreen Toyz – Obsessive Geiger Counter (06:02)
  3. Zreen Toyz – Pocket Refinery (11:00)
  4. Zreen Toyz – Frameworks Movements (14:06)
  5. Zreen Toyz – Polyhedral Recycling (10:42)
  6. Zreen Toyz – Industrial Swamp Singularity (07:44)
  7. Zreen Toyz – Poisoned Area (Bonus Track) (06:56)

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Nemertis and Zreen Toyz in Sadayatana Podcast #71

Tracks by Nemertis and Zreen Toyz have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #71 «The Dark» (March 10, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #71 «The Dark»

Il Taglia – «Selection III»

Il Taglia - «Selection III»Cat.# … DNA 125
Release Date … 25.02.2012
Genre … Ambient, Experimental, Guitar Improvisation
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Selection III» is a first part of a new large collection of songs comprising an aborted ambient album (tracks 1-5) and another aborted lo-fi chaotic record with vocals as well as some other lost tracks recorded in sessions somewhere near Selection II.

In this work Italian guitar abstractionist Il Taglia takes us to journey in his personal world constructed of ambient layers and guitar trembling chords. Five «color» tracks form a strong abstract core of «Selection III» but it still remains a bit romantic as previous «Selection» and «Selection II».

Drawings (front+back), lyrics, acoustic & electric guitars, main vocals, banjo, piano, synths, xylophone, filtered vocals, cavequeno, percussions by Luca Tagliabue.

Artwork desigh by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Il Taglia – Cyan (04:44)
  2. Il Taglia – Blue (14:00)
  3. Il Taglia – Azure (09:21)
  4. Il Taglia – Turquoise (10:01)
  5. Il Taglia – Light Blue (12:03)
  6. Il Taglia – 2011#2 (03:55)
  7. Il Taglia – 2010#28 (03:55)
  8. Il Taglia – 2009#8 (04:33)

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Epsilon Eridani and others in Sadayatana Podcast #48

Tracks by Epsilon Eridani, Fosel, Leonid M. Zhest’, C1-117, Xalm Retribution, Inner Struggle, Fornax, System Morgue, macabro, Zreen Toyz and Itzli have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #48 «Sleeping Mind» (October 07, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #48 «Sleeping Mind»

Parchim – «Tribal Sun»

Parchim - «Tribal Sun»Cat.# … DNA 110
Release Date … 05.07.2011
Genre … Industrial, Ritual Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«When Ravi comes, people greet him with faces looking towards East and with eyes wide open. Flowers praise the God of Good and Evil riding on the chariot of celestial stars. During everlasting feast their sun will shine with brightest light in the blinding dance of changing Life and Death.»

Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov.
Artwork concept by Stanislav Boyko.


  1. Parchim – Chapter I (02:33)
  2. Parchim – Chapter II (05:40)
  3. Parchim – Chapter III (08:10)
  4. Parchim – Chapter IV (03:35)
  5. Parchim – Chapter V (06:45)

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