Alex_Tiar – «Somewhere Out There, Deep»

Cat.# … DNA 132
Release Date … 31.05.2012
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production’s «Short Drones» series now comes out of sleep. After brilliant «Arachnophobia EP» by Somnium, it’s continued with «Somewhere Out There, Deep» by Alex_Tiar, another Belarussian project, new to DNA Production.

«Somewhere Out There, Deep» exploits an underwater theme. It arises in the first track of the same name where something dark and unknown breathes waiting under tons of drone layers whose heavy sound create severe atmosphere. The second track «Submarine K-107» is a claustraphobic fearsome virtual nine-minutes experience of being locked alone in a slowly dying submarine.

«Somewhere Out There, Deep» is a part of «Short Drones» series – «Short Drones Part XI».


  1. Alex_Tiar – Somewhere Out There, Deep (14:24)
  2. Alex_Tiar – Submarine K-107 (08:56)

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Письма с изнанки (PSI), The Large and Kromeshna in Sadayatana Podcast #82

Tracks by Письма с изнанки (PSI), The Large and Kromeshna have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #82 «Forgotten Traffic» (May 26, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #82 «Forgotten Traffic»

Crocell, IOK-1, R6, Red Fog and others in Sadayatana Podcast #78

Tracks by Crocell, IOK-1, R6, Red Fog, The Ghost Between The Strings and Epsilon Eridani have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #78 «Ghost In Daylight» (April 29, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #78 «Ghost In Daylight»

Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – «Abyssal Soundscapes»

Cat.# … DNA 122
Release Date … 15.01.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone, Electroacoustic
Type … FLAC Lossless

With deep ambiences and mysterious sounds, Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen offers us a travel to abyssal depths, an exploratory pathway from light to dark through an environment totally unfriendly to humankind.

Track 1 by Øystein Jørgensen.
Track 8 by Zreen Toyz.
Tracks 2 to 7 by Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen.


  1. Øystein Jørgensen – Sub (04:51)
  2. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – Through The Aphotic Zone (06:30)
  3. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – On The Edge Of Abyss (06:24)
  4. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – Inhabitants Of The Abyssal Depths (10:52)
  5. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – Deeper Beyond The Light (06:23)
  6. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – Inconceivable Pressure (06:57)
  7. Zreen Toyz & Øystein Jørgensen – The Mariana Trench (06:38)
  8. Zreen Toyz – Abyssopelagic Secret Life (06:08)

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Somnium & Alenda – «Split»

Cat.# … DNA 121
Release Date … 28.11.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Here is another work from Italian drone ambient project Somnium, this time in collaboration with Belgian act called Alenda. This split album is an epic more-than-hour release with three monumental drone ambient tracks.

Somnium part is traditionally dedicated to exploring various human mental disorders with the instruments of sounds and visual art. In this work sounds dominates as viscid drones of «Dissociazione» brings a listener to weird state of dissociation where human perception comes to discordance with conscious and psychic processes.

«K-Hole» aggravates the state and shows how it can lead to total depersonalization through schizophrenic reaction, temporary memory loss and vivid hallucinations. Low frequencies howlings pierce hallucinogenic canvas of fluid drones and creates inside a weird impression of chaos and claustrophobia at the same time.

Alenda part presents single more than 37-minutes long piece. Staying in drone ambient territory, it differs from Somnium part a lot musically and conceptually as well. «Art of Zen» acts as a instrument in meditation practice. Static and primitive low-frequencies drones work perfectly in the art of Zen which learns how to reach enlightment through meditative contemplation.

Artwork by Calliope.


  1. Somnium – Dissociazione (13:52)
  2. Somnium – K-Hole (21:06)
  3. Alenda – Art Of Zen (37:22)

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Somnium – «Arachnophobia EP»

Cat.# … DNA 120
Release Date … 30.10.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Arachnophobia EP» is a work of a new project Somnium by ky who recently in collaboration with DNA Production released an album of the same name. It was last work under his old project Null, and now he starts working as Somnium.

Somnium debut work slightly differs from previous release. Less Troum influence, expressive composition of tracks which contrast with each other to reach some new level of development. This is totally new work with new ideas and fresh approach. Also «Arachnophobia EP» revives Short Drones series. It was ky’s desire, and I’m very grateful to him for that.

«Araneae» is built on endless loops of steel drum Kalimba which are slowly sinking in waves of strings chords and low-frequency drones. It reaches a peak when the drones meet cacophony of high-frequency noises as fear turns to panic horror. Then seconds later «Araneae» dramatically looses power and returns to the Kalimba loops with eerie feelings staying at the heart of a listener.

Unlike the first track, «Scorpiones» is much calmer. It’s made of hundreds tiny ambient layers, pieces of drones and string chords fragments. Main theme for «Scorpiones» is a melody piece which is one breath cycle long. And it naturally starts to breathe like a sleeping man when the melody loops consecutively along the whole track. Driven by drone pulsations, «Scorpiones» oscillates measuredly tempting a listener to fall into a dreaming state where reality looses its boundaries and human brain follows a way of subconsciousness.

ky: bass, effects, mixing, mastering
Ginevra: steel drum Kalimba on track 1
Calliope: photography, artwork

As it written above, «Arachnophobia EP» is a part of Short Drones series – «Short Drones Part X».


  1. Somnium – Araneae (11:41)
  2. Somnium – Scorpiones (10:47)

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IOK-1 – «Sensorisk Deprivation»

Cat.# … DNA 119
Release Date … 18.10.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

IOK-1, an ambient project by David Bengtsson who is also a member of Bortom Reparation makes debut at DNA Production with his new work called «Sensorisk Deprivation».

Four deep drone ambient pieces are all composed in a single way where viscous sound strata merging in extremely heavy and cold soundscapes with scary and dismal atmosphere.

Artwork by Johan Hagglund.


  1. IOK-1 – Sensorisk Deprivation (13:38)
  2. IOK-1 – Vanvett (13:45)
  3. IOK-1 – Galenskap (16:38)
  4. IOK-1 – Vansinne (13:07)

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Null – «Somnium»

Cat.# … DNA 118
Release Date … 12.10.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Somnium» is an album whose concept is about feelings a man would have when being in a state of dreaming.

Every track here is a report about stimulus and immediate reaction which leads to various complex mental states such as serious nervous disorders caused by paranoia, schizophrenia, catatonia, bipolarism, mania etc…

Distralia talks about loss of concentration caused by permanent sound in the background which impedes rational thinking.

Reiki is a deep concentration that expands energy inside over and over until you cannot understand how to control it or how stop it.

Oltrance is direct opposite, it’s a fatal loss of energy which forces you to recover. It’s an endless circle of trance in waiting for something you cannot receive.

Nervuoto is about slow stopping of brain work due to brain cells death and an influence on perception of a person who suffers from such health problem.

Epiletale is simply last epileptic attack on a human being before the end…


  1. Null – Distralia (14:09)
  2. Null – Reiki (13:40)
  3. Null – Oltrance (07:44)
  4. Null – Nervuoto (11:47)
  5. Null – Epiletale (10:39)

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