Alex_Tiar – «Somewhere Out There, Deep»

Cat.# … DNA 132
Release Date … 31.05.2012
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production’s «Short Drones» series now comes out of sleep. After brilliant «Arachnophobia EP» by Somnium, it’s continued with «Somewhere Out There, Deep» by Alex_Tiar, another Belarussian project, new to DNA Production.

«Somewhere Out There, Deep» exploits an underwater theme. It arises in the first track of the same name where something dark and unknown breathes waiting under tons of drone layers whose heavy sound create severe atmosphere. The second track «Submarine K-107» is a claustraphobic fearsome virtual nine-minutes experience of being locked alone in a slowly dying submarine.

«Somewhere Out There, Deep» is a part of «Short Drones» series – «Short Drones Part XI».


  1. Alex_Tiar – Somewhere Out There, Deep (14:24)
  2. Alex_Tiar – Submarine K-107 (08:56)

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