Drone ambient project born from the ashes of Null, Somnium is an audio-visual project which is about perception of reality during dreaming state or during altered states of mind of various kinds. The two steps to grasp Somnium’s works are to be mesmerized and to feel.

The project consists of two elements: sound (ky) and vision (Calliope).

The music is made mainly with a bass and real time effects. Other instruments used (flutes,vocals…) are all acoustic and there aren’t digital source sounds. Tracks are recorded mostly live, mixed in few time to let the sound be as original and raw as it possible.

The visions are suggested through use of images closely tied to the sensations roused by sounds. The shots are taken singularly or assembled by the stop motion method. The intention is to realize a real and unseparable connection between music and visual art.

The spirit of the project is to induce sensations through sounds and images, so if the two elements were divided the work should appear mutilated.