Kolpakopf – «Ink»

Cat.# … DNA 189
Release Date … 01.03.2017
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC

Sometimes Kolpakopf impresses with sound experiments but this time he just put you in thick boiling mass of drones where dark ambient soundscapes, distorted bells ringing, dissonant pipe organ and piano, and contorted chants sink and float. Echo-like splashes of repetitive drones, hysterical high-frequency loops, frantic hums’ spasmodic pulsations can’t hide unstable layered constructions made of various sound materials with imperative atonal combinations. On the background of local peaks of sound pressure, each piece increases intensity and progress eventually to emphatic apogee before emotional discharge in catatonic final. And there you find Kolpakopf’s usual anxiety, personal phobias initialization, and isolationist mood – as always though.

Recorded in 2016.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (16:32)
  2. Kolpakopf – Untitled (19:09)
  3. Kolpakopf – Untitled (15:42)

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Essence Structura & Ciarlatani dell’Occulto in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow

Tracks by Essence Structura & Ciarlatani dell’Occulto featured in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow (January 14, 2017).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to Julien and Francis.

Electronic Therapy

Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – «Ciarlatani dell’Occulto»

Cat.# … DNA 188
Release Date … 29.12.2016
Genre … Drone, Noise
Type … FLAC

Ciarlatani dell’Occulto is the conscious will to awake the knowledge about other plans of existence through the methodical reproductions of ancient invocations’ lost sounds into our modern age: re-discovering who we are and what we are made of, finally seeing ourselves as we really are.

Beware, charlatans of the occult!


  1. Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – Iniziazione (07:52)
  2. Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – Celebrazione (05:40)
  3. Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – Rivelazione (08:47)
  4. Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – Evoluzione (14:17)
  5. Ciarlatani dell’Occulto – Ascensione (06:09)

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EugeneKha & Microbit Project – «Crossings»

Cat.# … DNA 187
Release Date … 27.12.2016
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC

«Crossings» is more than a collage of unreleased and already released tracks and drafts created in 2005-2010 under EugeneKha and Microbit Project.

It’s an attempt to rethink and to organize last experiences in a combination of various (and maybe opposite) approaches. This combination converts to «Crossings», an audio reflection of real and surreal worlds, a new form, a new experience with a new sound.


  1. EugeneKha & Microbit Project – Crossings (01:01:53)

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Kolpakopf – «Escapism»

Cat.# … DNA 186
Release Date … 09.11.2016
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC

Sullen Kolpakopf keeps pressing with his original dark, heavy and a bit claustrophobic ambient. Kolpakopf’s «Escapism» reveals not a final point for escapist but the process of reaching that point.

Saturnine soundscapes, catacombs pathways, illegible voices through hum and noises and unceasing mental stress. Black-and-white vision, walking on the edge, electric lights instead of sun and rare scrappy images of escapist relaxation at the peak of psychic burnout.

Recorded in 2016.


  1. Kolpakopf – I (11:48)
  2. Kolpakopf – II (15:40)
  3. Kolpakopf – III (13:42)

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Ayato & Planetaldol – «MESA»

Cat.# … DNA 185
Release Date … 00.11.2016
Genre … Industrial/Dub, Shamanic Ambient, Animist Lost Tapes
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

«MESA» ultimate ceremony: started 2013, ended 2016. Black/white tapes &&& borders. Revelation (shamanic state). Patron saint of rain??? Various sacramental rain cults and rain gods. In addition, he is the keeper of the keys to heaven. A visionary diagram of where the shaman will need to journey. Done at night. Prayers, invocations, and chants-beat-shamanic rattle addressed to all the supernaturals. Tobacco, plants. At midnight, when the purifying ceremonial acts are complete, all present must drink one to three cups of the ceremonial potion.

«MESA» starting point were multisessions#0022009 August 22 2009 (Ayato: prepared guitar. Planetaldol: laptop). Later there were Necktar – 2017 volume 8 «Body translator» impro live on February 26 2010 (Planetaldol: laptop, tampura machine, bells. Ayato: prepared guitar, dictaphone) and International Email Audio Art Project Volume 8 (2011) «Roberto Succo» February 26 2010 (20h00 prepared guitar, laptop, tanpura machine / ambient).


  1. Ayato & Planetaldol – Patte De Cerf (02:56)
  2. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton Poisson Scie (05:10)
  3. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton De La Femme Seule (09:49)
  4. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton Levrier (06:32)
  5. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton Colibri (03:24)
  6. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton Aigle (06:54)
  7. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton Chouette (05:51)
  8. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton De Saint Paul (03:10)
  9. Ayato & Planetaldol – Baton De La Vierge De Merci (05:56)

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