Kolpakopf – «mono no aware»

Cat.# … DNA 199
Release Date … 13.10.2017
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Mono no aware is an artistic concept typical for Japanese culture in Heian period (794 – 1185 AD). It’s translated as «sad empathy to things around» – very roughly. Mono no aware is a state of your mind when you feel yourself in harmony with the things around. It appears when your subjective principle joins and comes in fusion with objects around you. For Japanese, it’s something calm and sofisticated. Your mono no aware can happen every time you meditate and listen to birds’ chirping, or rain, or brook murmur.

Kolpakopf’s new work isn’t as calm as the Japanese tankas but sofisticated as usual. His «mono no aware» appeals to sad autumn feelings, contemplation, reflection. High-frequency drones clip sounds from outside and make room for subtle loops of short stagnated melodies, vibrating ultra-low-frequency drones and elementary field recordings guiding you from lingering autumn rains to crackling of the fire between tall pines propping dark heavens as first snowflakes melt on your face.

The lines at the back of the cover aren’t tracklist but the tanka by Sarumaru no Taifu: «High in the mountains, a wandering deer cries in maple forest and I feel so sad as Autumn comes».


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (14:40)
  2. Kolpakopf – Untitled (05:25)
  3. Kolpakopf – Untitled (12:45)
  4. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:22)

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Arcane Waves – «Lab Of Errors»

Cat.# … DNA 198
Release Date … 02.10.2017
Genre … Experimental, Electronic, Noise, Drone, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Electroacoustic
Type … FLAC Lossless

In Lab of Errors, annex of the French University of Errors, we study the science of that which is superinduced upon metaphysics, whether within or beyond the latter’s limitations, extending as far beyond metaphysics as the latter extends beyond physics.

We will examine the laws governing exceptions of errors, and will explain mistakes of the universe supplementary to this one.

Lab of Errors does not, therefore, study the rules governing the general recurrence of a periodic mistake (the expected case) so much as study the games governing the special occurrence of a sporadic error (the excepted case).

Second volume of the Reaktor Sessions (first volume here), Lab of Errors is made with faulty virtual generators, and real synthesizers heavily modified by circuit-bending.

Recorded in September 2017 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Cœur de Beauce, France.
Photo-montage by Ironside (images public domain).
Sleeve design by Arcane Waves & Graph’Hypnotic.


  1. Arcane Waves – Special Occurrence Of A Sporadic Error – Part 1 (04:36)
  2. Arcane Waves – The Laws Governing Exceptions Of Errors (07:39)
  3. Arcane Waves – Special Occurrence Of A Sporadic Error – Part 2 (03:17)
  4. Arcane Waves – Explaining Mistakes Of The Universe (07:00)
  5. Arcane Waves – Superinduction Upon Limitations Of Physic (04:17)
  6. Arcane Waves – General Recurrence Of A Periodic Mistake (04:37)
  7. Arcane Waves – Expected Case versus Excepted Case (07:49)
  8. Arcane Waves – Far Beyond Metaphysic Of The Drone (06:00)

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System Morgue – «Forêt Noire»

Cat.# … DNA 197
Release Date … 06.07.2017
Genre … Drone, Guitar Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

System Morgue takes you to the Forêt Noire full of phobias, forgotten dreams and imagery trapped deep in subliminal levels. Follow dense guitar drones, dissolve your emotions and thoughts in their vibrations, submerge in sleepy meditation.

Bunches of short mechanistic loops slowly pulsate behind stolid guitar chords, boost and mirror them, intensifying sonic pressure, spinning sound waves and locking them into spiral. Then pulsation become more frequent, anxiety grows and bursts with high-frequencey guitar yells and melody shreds cacophony in panicky rhythm. Short breather after panic attack, and sound pressure takes over again. Waves of guitar chords tighten distorted melodies in an uneven helix, sometimes ascending to hysterical crescendo, sometimes collapsing in melancholic alienation.


  1. System Morgue – Racines (09:39)
  2. System Morgue – Myrte (06:36)
  3. System Morgue – Forêt Noire (20:34)
  4. System Morgue – Sang (05:05)

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Kolpakopf – «Между (Between)»

Cat.# … DNA 196
Release Date … 27.06.2017
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

There is something between dream and reality. There is something between sanity and madness, between light and darkness, between life and death. Probably there is an edge between two opposites, strong like a friend’s hand or thin like a thread. Can you feel the edge? And where is the edge? And if you feel the edge between two opposite sides, do you know on which side is good and there is evil?

New Kolpakopf’s work called «Между (Between)» is about it but it does not offer any answers, neither does it ask any questions. This is something like a sound fingerprint of borderline state where you feel yourself placed in a vast empty space and in a tiny dark room simultaneously.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (39:40)

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Arcane Waves – «Malfunction»

Cat.# … DNA 195
Release Date … 19.04.2017
Genre … Experimental, Electronic, Noise, Drone, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Electroacoustic
Type … FLAC Lossless

A malfunction is the state of something that functions wrongly or does not function at all; like our world…

First volume of the Reaktor Sessions, Malfunction is made with virtual sound generators and noisy circuit-bent devices.

Recorded in January 2017 somewhere in France.
Photo montage by Graph’Hypnotic (images public domain).
Sleeve design by Arcane Waves & Graph’Hypnotic.


  1. Arcane Waves – Tokamak Power Failure (08:00)
  2. Arcane Waves – Aardvark Malfunction (08:00)
  3. Arcane Waves – Data Error In Garbage Processing (08:00)
  4. Arcane Waves – Feeding The Reservoir Of Chaos (08:00)
  5. Arcane Waves – Zoetrope Malfunction (08:00)
  6. Arcane Waves – Objects Out Of Control (08:00)

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