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Cezary Gapik in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow

A track by Cezary Gapik featured in «Electronic Therapy» radioshow (December 16, 2016).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to Julien and Francis.

Electronic Therapy

Cezary Gapik – «The Limestone EP»

Cezary Gapik - «The Limestone EP»Cat.# … DNA 77
Release Date … 10.02.2010
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production continues collaboration with Polish musician Cezary Gapik. This time we presents his new work, the footage from few months before which was published on extremely limited mini-CDR for friends only.

The album is composed in drone/dark ambient way. It slightly differs from the Cezary Gapik’s first work released at DNA Production which was full of minimalism and isolationism.

«The Limestone EP» is the short and bright experiment with cold clear ambient and vast soundscapes. It looks like a bit lifeless and creates an atmosphere of isolationism.

Analog synthesizer, field recordings & computer manipulating sound by Cezary Gapik.
Image by Cezary Gapik.
Conceived and recorded summer 2009 in Częstochowa, Poland.

This release is a part of «Short Drones» series – «Short Drones Part VIII».


  1. Cezary Gapik – #0416 (03:41)
  2. Cezary Gapik – #0417 (02:40)
  3. Cezary Gapik – #0415 (02:51)
  4. Cezary Gapik – #0418 (04:14)
  5. Cezary Gapik – #0419 (02:13)

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CEZAR – «The Collection 1998-2006»

CEZAR - «The Collection 1998-2006»Cat.# … DNA 63
Release Date … 30.09.2009
Genre … Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Polish sound designer Cezary Gapik aka CEZAR presents the retrospective compilation of his most significant tracks previously included in CEZAR’s past works self-released mostly as CD-Rs.

Six deliberately impersonal isolationist tracks are composed of plastic, viscous and static minimal ambient layers with a slight touch of electroacoustic. Looped and evenly pulsing synthetic drones integrate in abstract soundscapes adding meditative features in completely lifeless and isolationist emotional atmosphere of this work.


  1. CEZAR – #0002 [Zaduszki I] (05:24)
  2. CEZAR – #0143 (10:39)
  3. CEZAR – #0244 (#) (17:41)
  4. CEZAR – #0347 (06:00)
  5. CEZAR – #0354 (16:14)
  6. CEZAR – #0401 (05:33)

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