Fosel is an experimental project of Kurt Nimmo, industrial artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. It began as the Eyes of Ibad in Chicago, 1998.

In that initial phase, Fosel (Kurt Nimmo) produced minimal techno with Yamaha keyboard and a drum machine. However, unsatisfied with the sound, and slipping ever more into sound experimentation (late at night) and simple sound collages, in 2003 Eyes was abandoned and Fosel emerged.

As well, the keyboard and drum machine were shoved in a closet and production went totally to a PC, using soft synths and a variety of VST plugins with midi and loop tracker software.

Fosel succesfully cooperated with .NBK Records and his track «Ignis Tube» has been released on «Derived I» compilation.

And it was Fosel whose album «Triangulum» became first DNA Production release.


.NBK Records