Numb Silence and Leonid M. Zhest’ in Sadayatana Podcast #47

Tracks by Numb Silence and Leonid M. Zhest’ have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #47 «Secret Souls» (September 30, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #47 «Secret Souls»

Zreen Toyz – «The Timeless Topographer»

Zreen Toyz - «The Timeless Topographer»Cat.# … DNA 109
Release Date … 24.05.2011
Genre … Electroacoustic, Post-Concrete, Ambient, Noise, Experimental, Electronic
Type … FLAC Lossless

The perception of a space, urban or natural, is a sensory process which differs from a person to the other one.

Through his equipment, a topographer have mainly a geometrical and visual perception, while a walker, or a traveller, use his hearing and olfactive perceptions besides his vision, an approach at once instinctive and poetic.

But we could imagine a topographer dreamer and poet whose sensory processes harmonize to form an imaginary and timeless landscape…
This is the idea of this album which invites us in an imaginary and timeless world, outside our usual perceptions.

Music composed, performed, and produced by Zreen Toyz.
Recorded first quarter 2009 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Coeur de Beauce.
Mastered at Scoz Mastering Suite, Coeur de Beauce, France.
Design by Zreen Toyz & Graph’Hypnotic.


  1. Zreen Toyz – Wide Flatland (06:06)
  2. Zreen Toyz – Disturbed Zoos At Phase One (05:52)
  3. Zreen Toyz – Geomatic Lineaments (10:21)
  4. Zreen Toyz – Disturbed Zoos At Phase Two (06:17)
  5. Zreen Toyz – Pataphysical Oscillators (07:55)
  6. Zreen Toyz – Moon Over Wide Flatland (07:59)
  7. Zreen Toyz – The Timeless Topographer (08:50)
  8. Zreen Toyz – Incongruous Talk From Theodolite (11:18)

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Epsilon Eridani, t_error 404, Red Fog, Raspad Atoma, Bagryanii Schliach and others in Sadayatana Podcast #03

Tracks by Epsilon Eridani, t_error 404, Red Fog, Raspad Atoma, Bagryanii Schliach, The Dead Children Factory, Leonid M. Zhest’ and C1-117 have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #03 «Agin’ and Ragin’» (December 04, 2010).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #03 «Agin' and Ragin'»

Leonid M. Zhest’ – «Black Box»

Leonid M. Zhest' - «Black Box»Cat.# … DNA 80
Release Date … 10.03.2010
Genre … Ambient, Electronic
Type … FLAC Lossless

After more than year Russian ambient project Leonid M. Zhest’ is back with the new work called «Black Box».

As a first release «KaYa», «Black Box» is saturated with deathly atmosphere of synthetic world. Album’s cold and lifelessness are underlined with soft and flexible analogue sound. A little bit of minimalism in «Brain Waves» looks like evidence of world’s synthetic nature. It disappears later but leaves strange metallic aftertaste and vibrating silence in the ears.

No doubt, «Black Box» is the present for industrial cynics and dark sci-fi lovers.

Artworks by Leonid M. Zhest’.


  1. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Empty City (06:58)
  2. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Magnetic Tape (09:36)
  3. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Brain Waves (10:12)
  4. Leonid M. Zhest’ – KaYA (Memory & Future) (05:45)
  5. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Civil Dead (05:58)

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The Large – «Лестница (Stairs)»

The Large - «Лестница (Stairs)»Cat.# … DNA 55
Release Date … 10.07.2009
Genre … Experimental, Electronic, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Stairs… Winding staircases leading sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards. The way repeated over and over again. The way without end and without beginning…

Finnish experimental project The Large presents new work fully constructed on psychedelic electronic loops interwoven with each other. It consists of four shaky and intricate structures with ambient inclusions which accentuate emotional line of the album – contemplation, estrangement, sadness and calm.

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


  1. The Large – Feel It Now (14:03)
  2. The Large – Baneful Spearhead On A Solemn Sojourn (08:07)
  3. The Large – Deplorableness (07:35)
  4. The Large – Everything You Have And Haven’t Done (18:57)

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Denis Mati – «Other Side»

Denis Mati - «Other Side»Cat.# … DNA 16
Release Date … 10.03.2008
Genre … Ambient, Electronic
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

This album consists of rich and dense melodic ambient soundscapes with an addition of light abstract IDM-like beats.

Cover art by Denis Mati.

Booklet included.


  1. Denis Mati – Through Reflection (6:31)
  2. Denis Mati – Shadows (4:22)
  3. Denis Mati – Tangle (4:50)
  4. Denis Mati – Cephalopoda & Death-Watch (4:31)
  5. Denis Mati – Dissolving Views (2:44)
  6. Denis Mati – Nostalgia (4:21)
  7. Denis Mati – Melodious Abstractionism (7:02)
  8. Denis Mati – Sweet December (4:38)

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Various Artists – «The Fire Within»

Various Artists - «The Fire Within»Cat.# … DNA 15
Release Date … 09.03.2008
Genre … Ambient, Electronic
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

This compilation features four projects: Denis Mati from Smolensk (Russia), Leonid M. Zhest’, Seclorance and Deltamorphon all from Moscow (Russia).


  1. Denis Mati – Shadows (4:21)
  2. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Sanguis Minimus Theme (5:19)
  3. Seclorance – Strangel (5:17)
  4. Deltamorphon – Oblivion Cage IV (4:03)

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