A.T.M.O.M. – «Khozyain Lesa»

Cat.# … DNA 147
Release Date … 14.05.2013
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

A.T.M.O.M. and DNA Production co-operation started in the autumn 2011 when the project joined famous Russian industrial act Bardoseneticcube in their collaboration called B.A.R.D.M.O.M. Later in spring 2012 DNA Production released A.T.M.O.M.’s solo work «Tayozhnoe». Recorded in 2011, «Khozyain Lesa» is a something of a prequel for the «Tayozhnoe» which was heavily inspired by forest field recordings too.

By the way, «Khozyain Lesa» is Russian equivalent for English «Forest Master», and it is not difficult to understand what kind of ambient music we can found here. It offers a lot of forest-like field recordings inserted in sometimes very noisy and aggressive, sometimes just weird and cold ambient sound canvases.

Recorded in 2011.


  1. A.T.M.O.M. – Хозяин леса (Forest Master) (04:03)
  2. A.T.M.O.M. – Темные ветви (Dark Branches) (03:30)
  3. A.T.M.O.M. – Черное древо (Black Tree) (03:57)
  4. A.T.M.O.M. – Ночь на реке (Night On A River) (03:46)
  5. A.T.M.O.M. – Тропы (Paths) (04:21)
  6. A.T.M.O.M. – Лесной замок (Forest Castle) (02:36)
  7. A.T.M.O.M. – Иткуль (Itkul) (07:19)
  8. A.T.M.O.M. – Секвойа (Sequoia) (03:02)
  9. A.T.M.O.M. – Шайтан озеро (Shaitan Lake) (05:12)
  10. A.T.M.O.M. – Khafed Dao (feat. Chaostetic) (07:33)
  11. A.T.M.O.M. – Апоптоз (Apoptosis) (08:12)

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