B.A.R.D.M.O.M. is a collaborative noise/ambient project powered by Igor Potsukailo (Bardoseneticcube) and Taras Voloschuck (A.T.M.O.M.).

Igor Potsukailo is well-known and prolific industrial artist from St. Petersburgh, Russia. With his main project Bardoseneticcube, he has released a plenty of great works which became classics for Russian industrial scene.

Taras Voloschuck is a professionally trained musician. In 2007-2008 he’s got involved in experiments with industrial and created two projects: Cadaveric Juice (Cyber Grind) and А.Т.М.О.М.(Dark/Forrest Ambient). Later he also worked as Nano Synthetic (power noise), Toxi-X (harsh noise) and in collaboration with a number of another Russian industrial acts.