Null is a solo project of a person ky by name started in the night January 17th, 2008 with the aim to express an essence of what he feels inside and what he percepts from outside.

So Null is an expressionist project. It means that form is a slave of substance, and that’s the only common point of all Null’s tracks. Musically, every release is composed in a different style and in a single work you can even find totally different and/or opposite styles in the same track or from track to track.

Null was started as a drone project, so it always contains elements of drone music combined with various others (ambient/dark ambient/cold ambient, noise, black metal, funeral doom, industrial, post-rock, shoegaze, acoustic lo-fi…).

There were some guests appeared on Null releases, mainly for artworks or lyrics. All tracks were recorded using only a bass, voices and few ambience loops. All Null material (5 demos, 5 EPs, 5 splits, 10 albums) was self-released in very small quantities and never sold. Most of them are available for free download.

The project has been discontinued in 2012.