Epsilon Eridani – «Have You Ever Seen The Stars In The Trees»

Cat.# … DNA 108
Release Date … 26.04.2011
Genre … Ambient, Industrial, IDM
Type … FLAC Lossless

This work’s dedicated to 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster, a tragedy for nations and for millions people in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Mexican project Epsilon Eridani is in DNA Production catalogue since summer 2009 with three albums of powerful dark ambient. Current work is different. Here IDM and ambient elements combine on a base of post industrial sound, noises and radio cuts.

Dedicated to the memory of all victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

Artwork based on photos by David Schindler.
Artwork by Epsilon Eridani.
All music by Epsilon Eridani except «Anatomy Of The Core» by David Valle / Epsilon Eridani and «Chernobyl 25» by Programming Technology / Epsilon Eridani.


  1. Epsilon Eridani – Prypiat (Then) (06:21)
  2. Epsilon Eridani – Reactor Number Four (03:40)
  3. Epsilon Eridani – Anatomy Of The Core (04:46)
  4. Epsilon Eridani – Biorobots (08:24)
  5. Epsilon Eridani – Have You Ever Seen The Stars In The Trees (06:40)
  6. Epsilon Eridani – Chernobyl 25 (05:45)
  7. Epsilon Eridani – After All This Time (05:23)
  8. Epsilon Eridani – Prypiat (Now) (04:40)

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Demi-Biche & Gryphée and Xalm Retribution in Sadayatana Podcast #20

Tracks by Demi-Biche & Gryphée and Xalm Retribution have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #20 «Little Cthulhus Are Adorable» (April 02, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #20 «Little Cthulhus Are Adorable»

Dodeccaheedron, Epsilon Eridani and LN 313 in Sadayatana Podcast #10

Tracks by Dodeccaheedron, Epsilon Eridani and LN 313 have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #10 «Tale of The Lost Boat» (January 22, 2011).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #10 «Tale of The Lost Boat»

Gryphée – «The Rotations Project»

Cat.# … DNA 101
Release Date … 22.01.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient, Experimental, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

«The Rotations Project» is an European musical project (England / Spain / Austria / France) initiated by Wehwalt and centered around the motorized and remote-controlled guitar conceived by the French musician Gryphée.

Each of the musicians worked this guitar’s sample provided by Gryphée in a totally free way, using sonic masses to obtain a final result as eclectic as consistent.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux & Gryphée – September Visions (07:52)
  2. Wehwalt & Gryphée – Rotation I (08:42)
  3. Infinite Inertia & Gryphée – Cancroid Astroid (06:42)
  4. Demi-Biche & Gryphée – Pulsations (08:57)
  5. M.Nomized & Gryphée – Invertion Rotation (06:36)
  6. The Ghost Between The Strings & Gryphée – Autoignition (09:45)
  7. MaCu & Gryphée – Voyage (06:14)
  8. Kadaverik & Gryphée – Primale Rotation (06:43)
  9. Fabrice Coltro & Gryphée – Ether (Based On H.Michaux’s Poem “L’ether”) (04:08)
  10. Visoposiv & Gryphée – Rotation V (14:24)

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Dodeccaheedron – «The Sounds Of Drifting Mind Fields»

Cat.# … DNA 100
Release Date … 15.01.2011
Genre … Dark Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Nature’s way is to leave no residue
All is absorbed
Therefore we treasure the «least of man»
All belongs
All is salvaged
Nothing is rejected
This is called Stealing the Light…
Nature’s subtle secret»
From «Psychedelic Prayers» by Timothy Leary

Worlds are born, Worlds pass away into the abyss of nothingness. The inhabitants of some are involved into the act, but cannot influence anything. Those can contemplate only. The others who do not belong to the fading Worlds can observe the course of the Universal history from outside. Who we are, living in one of myriad of Worlds of the Universe, – contemplators or the beheld? There is no answer.

The nature of Dodeccaheedron is the basic shape of the Universe. He is the Object and the Subject at the same time. Worlds are born, live, die and transform inside of it into something obscure to its own understanding while its embodiment lasts. Dodeccaheedron catches the Worlds with Attention, listens to their voices, watches them impartially and at the same time goes through all their emotions. There is nothing that’s beyond us. This album is echo of the End of Worlds of «N’harg’ho Vedu» and the beginning of the saga of a new «Green World» creation.

Being in current consciousness stream of the reality, Dodeccaheedron operates with its matters to compose sound canvas, because the vibrations of reality lying outside the limits of perception cannot be heard by most of the reality inhabitants. Sounds, noises, voices and songs heard in this World as well as Dodeccaheedron’s poetry were utilized to give life to this unique creation.


  1. Dodeccaheedron – The End Of Worlds Of N’harg’ho Vedu (05:28)
  2. Dodeccaheedron – Healing Song For Shredded Souls (04:45)
  3. Dodeccaheedron – Low Aether Inspirations (07:59)
  4. Dodeccaheedron – Second Song From The Vice Versa World (06:02)
  5. Dodeccaheedron – Monotone (Remastered And Long) (07:34)
  6. Dodeccaheedron – Beksinski (03:00)
  7. Dodeccaheedron – Outtro-Fellatio (01:45)

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Bortom Reparation – «Infraröd Portal-1»

Cat.# … DNA 98
Release Date … 15.12.2010
Genre … Drone Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production starts collaborative work with a new project called Bortom Reparation. Two men are behind it, and one of them is a part of DNA Production catalogue known as Red Fog.

«Infraröd Portal-1» is the first Bortom Reparation release at DNA Production. It’s quite similar to Red Fog approach: extremely dense sound pressure, tightly interlaced ambient layers, lengthy tracks with slow progress and harsh crescendos. Cold drones dissolve consciousness, wash away emotions, plunge into frozen world of post-apocalyptic mechanical civilization.


  1. Bortom Reparation – Vessel Part 1 [exploring emptiness] (20:58)
  2. Bortom Reparation – Vessel Part 2 [cured by circuits] (20:30)
  3. Bortom Reparation – Vessel Part 3 [cryo dreams] (23:40)

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Epsilon Eridani, t_error 404, Red Fog, Raspad Atoma, Bagryanii Schliach and others in Sadayatana Podcast #03

Tracks by Epsilon Eridani, t_error 404, Red Fog, Raspad Atoma, Bagryanii Schliach, The Dead Children Factory, Leonid M. Zhest’ and C1-117 have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #03 «Agin’ and Ragin’» (December 04, 2010).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #03 «Agin' and Ragin'»

Wehwalt – «Lacrima Christi»

Cat.# … DNA 95
Release Date … 15.09.2010
Genre … Industrial, Noise, Abstract
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

«Lacrima Christi» is an unreleased album that has been originally recorded live in 2004 at the music festival in Jamet Hall at Saint-Herblain, France.
This enhanced version was out as ultra-limited self-released cassette (10 copies).

«Lacrima Christi» is influenced by long period of excessive alcohol consumption (in particular famous Italian wine) and by author’s atheist conviction.


  1. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 1 (07:00)
  2. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 2 (07:00)
  3. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 3 (07:00)
  4. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 4 (07:00)
  5. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 5 (07:00)
  6. Wehwalt – Lacrimale 6 (06:00)

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С1-117 – «Purification»

Cat.# … DNA 94
Release Date … 30.08.2010
Genre … Dark Ambient, Industrial, Field Recordings
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Purification» by С1-117 is a piece of old good industrial and classic dark ambient. The man behind the project defines Maeror Tri и Lustmord as his key points but their creativities are just guidelines for С1-117 but not examples for imitation.

Based on noises of various nature, this work looks like cold and lifeless sound canvas composed of rustles, cracks, processed field recordings, weird voice samples.

Artworks by С1-117.


  1. С1-117 – Intro (01:16)
  2. С1-117 – Destruction (04:18)
  3. С1-117 – Magnetic Storms (06:00)
  4. С1-117 – Purification (04:59)
  5. С1-117 – Into The World Of Shadows (08:00)
  6. С1-117 – Distortion (06:00)
  7. С1-117 – Ritual (08:20)
  8. С1-117 – Radioactive Dust (feat. The Ink Spots) (07:33)

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