Le Futurisme – «No Proyecto»

Cat.# … DNA 48
Release Date … 10.05.2009
Genre … Noise, Industrial, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

This album is consists of spontaneously composed soundworks created in 2000-2002. Clear, abstract and 100% electronic sound made a snapshot of author mental state and describes world around him.

Originally all these works were short projects created using the method of «compose-listen-forget». But times passed by and new cycles begin. Outer world keeps its state of unsteadiness and transiency…

All you see now is a semblance, not reality…

Artworks by Le Futurisme.


  1. Le Futurisme – Oscuridad Genesiaca (03:00)
  2. Le Futurisme – Principio De La Inexistencia (04:20)
  3. Le Futurisme – El Ruido-Sonido (08:01)
  4. Le Futurisme – La Percepcion De Cero (08:16)
  5. Le Futurisme – Rotacion Electro-Tecnica (04:13)
  6. Le Futurisme – Baile Sobre Los Huesos (02:58)

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Tennyson Fracture – «Tennyson Fracture»

Cat.# … DNA 47
Release Date … 30.04.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Tennyson Fracture» was recorded in autumn and winter 2008 in Winterthur, Eisenach & Gotha.

Record was mixed and mastered by Seetyca & Artin Mucht.


  1. Tennyson Fracture – Tension (09:07)
  2. Tennyson Fracture – Morphing Structure (08:35)
  3. Tennyson Fracture – Crack In The Vessel (12:51)
  4. Tennyson Fracture – Bouncing Atoms (08:03)
  5. Tennyson Fracture – Glass Fissure (12:43)

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Raspad Atoma – «Melophobia»

Cat.# … DNA 46
Release Date … 22.04.2009
Genre … Drone Ambient, Field Recordings
Type … FLAC Lossless

«…chaotic drone and rumble of the external raving world is only volume of absolute silence increased a thousand times…»

Powerful low frequency drone, considered chaos of ambient layers, slow composition progress and permanent tension – Raspad Atoma is back.

This Russian drone musician attracts attention with his new work. Being an adherent of deep low frequency drone ambient, Knell discovers new (or another?) ways to develop his creativity. He uses an advanced multilayer composition, intensively works with various sounds, noises, drones and field recordings.

«Melophobia» is a long ambient piece. It’s an instrument that helps author to disjoin listener’s consciousness and the world around. It’s an imperceptible but persistent process when hundreds of spirals wrap listener around and every spiral is full of caught drones, melodies, noises. It pulses, sounds and interweaves creating new world around. «Melophobia» looks like deepest sleep when habitual frame of reference is lost and consciousness is trying to realize discovered space as a dark and isolated place, a territory of loneliness.

Created at home studio summer 2008 – winter 2009 specially for DNA Production.
All sounds, noises, drones, field recordings, programming and mastering, artworks by Knell.


  1. Raspad Atoma – Melophobia (48:42)

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Crocell – «Another Side From Other Time»

Cat.# … DNA 42
Release Date … 13.03.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental, Industrial
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

Ritual rumble coming from a depth. Voices and sound experiments sweeping along human consciousness. That all is a place of pacification and calmness. That all is a mirror reflected true emotions and colours…

This work consists of sound materials recorded in 2004-2006.

Artworks by Crocell.


  1. Crocell – In Memoriam [13.11.2005] (10:26)
  2. Crocell – Ritualing Waters (03:06)
  3. Crocell – Hope Me (03:28)
  4. Crocell – Automatic Side For Echoes (13:36)
  5. Crocell – Spring Session (04:23)
  6. Crocell – In Memoriam [13.11.2006] (05:36)

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Aevum Spiritus – «Space»

Cat.# … DNA 41
Release Date … 02.03.2009
Genre … Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

This work has been inspired by soviet cosmology, Ivan Efremov’s books and old kraut rock projects.

The album was recorded in 2007-2008. Digital and analogue devices were used in recordings along with exotic instruments like a singing bowl and wall of rain.

Musically it’s a cold and rough ambient with glitch influence and clear sound.


  1. Aevum Spiritus – Flight Beginning (04:50)
  2. Aevum Spiritus – Sputnik (04:09)
  3. Aevum Spiritus – Space Visitors (02:25)
  4. Aevum Spiritus – Mysterious Galaxy (03:21)
  5. Aevum Spiritus – Lost In Space (07:10)
  6. Aevum Spiritus – Sand Of Ruins (04:21)
  7. Aevum Spiritus – Heavenly Water (02:57)

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Various Artists – «Could We Live Forever?»

Cat.# … DNA 39
Release Date … 12.02.2009
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

DNA Production continues to release compilations and present a new one called «Could We Live Forever?». This work was done in traditional drone ambient style with influences of dark ambient, experimental and isolationism.

Seven projects contributed tracks for this compilation: Ices Ov, Raspad Atoma, t_error 404 and Kromeshna from Russia, CrepusculaR from Argentina, Bagryanii Schliach from Ukraine and The Large from Finland.

All tracks are composed in different manner but each track gives its own answer for the aforementioned question: «Could we live forever?»”

The choice is yours, whether it is cold denial in «Ultima Thule», aloof silence of «Monochrome Snow» or sad grin in «Metamorphosing»…

Photography and artworks for this release were made by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Bagryanii Schliach – Ultima Thule (7:32)
  2. CrepusculaR – Slow Winds Over Ruins (6:20)
  3. t_error 404 – Dios (11:08)
  4. Kromeshna – Monochrome Snow (16:12)
  5. Raspad Atoma – Mind Resurgent (8:38)
  6. Ices Ov – Lament (9:18)
  7. The Large – Metamorphosing (15:35)

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Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – «Fleur Light»

Cat.# … DNA 29
Release Date … 16.11.2008
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Fleur Light» is a collaborative work of Argentinian guitar virtuoso Federico Barabino and Russian industrial artist Vitaly Maklakov. Vitaly has worked carefully with Federico’s sound sources to create unique combination of acoustic guitar sounds and electronic ambiences.

Three pieces consist of light and well-balanced material with a touch of melancholy and introversion. Musically it’s a dense uneasy dark ambient mixed with sharp acoustic guitar samples.

Two final tracks are remixed versions of the first piece called «Lentamente Sonando». These remixes were created by Dimedrone, a drone ambient side project of Galaxy The Incubator.

All artworks by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – Lentamente Sonando (9:49)
  2. Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – Sonido Jugado (13:21)
  3. Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – Copleando & Despertar (8:04)
  4. Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – Lentamente Sonando – 1 (remixed by Dimedrone) (3:08)
  5. Federico Barabino & Vitaly Maklakov – Lentamente Sonando – 2 (remixed by Dimedrone) (6:41)

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813 – «Self-Exhumation Session»

Cat.# … DNA 26
Release Date … 21.10.2008
Genre … Noise, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Sometimes I can’t sleep at night… and don’t want to do anything… and understand that another soul-searching is useless but nevertheless…

Unthinkingly I turn a wheel trying to tune old tube radio. There is no pop music at night but my radio is old and a bit noisy. Stations are tuning through walls of radionoise. They attract with far bright pictures and clear rhythms. But my radio is the only thing around me. I hold tight the wheel continuing my tuning. It’s nice to imagine that there are other people lost in radio waves. They have their own troubles. They are tuning too.

It’s nice to be alone here but not to be all alone.

Drifting in radionoise I turn the wheel. To new station. Towards new spectral world… Travel upon old radio tuning scale…

Noise/ambient collage with lo-fi ambient layers and elastic trip-hop loops drifting in waves of harsh radionoise.

Despite this genre is notoriously mere and heterogeneous, «Self-Exhumation Session» wins with the harmonious combination of incompatible parts. Harsh noise sound accentuates complete and fine rhythmic loops. Chaotic ambient layers express deliberate thoughtlessness. But later you will see the whole surprising harmony of this work. And then you’ll realize how author can manipulate listener’s attention and how well he can compose.

Artwork by 813.


  1. 813 – Self-Exhumation Session (24:39)

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Obozdur – «Two Different Parts Of One Day»

Cat.# … DNA 25
Release Date … 11.10.2008
Genre … Experimental, Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

Tiredness, distraction, anxiety, waiting for better times – all these things are in the first track «Twilight At 14 O’Clock».

And the second track «Weekend Weather Forecast» is alongside tiredness again, satisfaction, limpness, meditative immersion in sound ambience, positive mood, slow reactions to small changes in ambience.

Vitaly Maklakov’s Obozdur presents another work that inherits all Obozdur’s features like multidimentional sound layers, fine work with micronoises, plenty of different sound materials harmoniously combined with each other, whimsicality and non-linear composition.

But «Two Different Parts Of One Day» has its own key feature. Strong dub influence and accurate rhythm structures discover the new side of Obozdur’s balance on the edge between experimental ambient and post industrial. That surprising combination directs dark and anxious Obozdur music at the contrary vector to the positive calm side full of meditative loops and relaxing slow rhythms.

Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. Obozdur – Twilight At 14 O’Clock (10:45)
  2. Obozdur – Weekend Weather Forecast (12:52)

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Various Artists – «Spiral II»

Cat.# … DNA 20
Release Date … 15.03.2008
Genre … Drone Ambient, Experimental
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

This compilation features five projects: Raspad Atoma from Volgograd (Russia), CrepusculaR from Argentina, Protuberanzed from Khimki (Russia), I.M.M.U.R.E. from St. Petersburg (Russia) and Vlasti Form in collaboration with Raspad Atoma.


  1. Protuberanzed – Game Over (3:24)
  2. CrepusculaR – Senordwols, The Insidious Ominous (14:41)
  3. I.M.M.U.R.E. – Untitled (14:12)
  4. Raspad Atoma – The Last Mirage Of Persistent Leaves (7:44)
  5. Vlasti Form & Raspad Atoma – Deathday (7:16)

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