The Large in Science Helsinki Podcast «Indigo – Planes of Existence»

Tracks by The Large have featured in Science Helsinki Podcast «Indigo – Planes of Existence» (March 02, 2010).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to Science Helsinki.

Science Helsinki Podcast «Indigo - Planes of Existence»

Il Taglia – «Selection»

Cat.# … DNA 79
Release Date … 28.02.2010
Genre … Guitar Improvisation, Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Selection» is a collection of songs that takes some important moments from long collections never released («Exp09» and «Elec09», the first one starts from guitars, the second one from synths), plus one trip of acoustic guitars, banjos and echoes («January 2009») and some quiet moments from «2008». A very spacey track released recording over and destructurating a song of a friend of mine…

It’s very emotional work. Light and romantic, it’s sometimes sad and very human, sometimes cold and abstract.
Melodic guitar improvisations are the core of the album. They’re the bricks for sound constructions created on unstable foundation of light ambient layers. The constructions are so light and clear, intricate and fanciful, full of shades and very logical.
«Selection» by Il Taglia is the real creative work which not needs tags or descriptions. It’s a fusion of emotions and sound design, romance and mathematics.

All tracks recorded between 2008 and 2009.

Drawings (Sleeve front+back), acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, piano, synths, xylophone, filtered vocals, cavequeno, percussions by Luca Tagliabue.
Fonts design by Knell.

Track #3 is the reworked version of «The Visitor» by Bessemerr (from «Monoscopium EP»): additional production, guitars, banjo, piano, synths by Luca Tagliabue.


  1. Il Taglia – Elec09XI (03:24)
  2. Il Taglia – Exp09I (07:49)
  3. Il Taglia – The Visitor (Original By Bessemerr) (Il Taglia Version) (07:34)
  4. Il Taglia – Elec09III (01:52)
  5. Il Taglia – 2008 #4 (06:08)
  6. Il Taglia – Elec09VII (03:00)
  7. Il Taglia – 2008 #1 (06:00)
  8. Il Taglia – January 2009 (13:22)
  9. Il Taglia – January 2009 – The End (09:04)

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Jan Kees Helms – «H2OCO2»

Cat.# … DNA 76
Release Date … 30.01.2010
Genre … Experimental, Field Recordings, Sound Art
Type … FLAC Lossless

«H2OCO2» is the next Jan Kees Helms’ experiment with field recordings, a new chapter in his sound research of world elemental essences. With abstract approach he’s trying to discover mysteries of ordinary but very important things. And field recordings are the tools which help him to extract and to process «voices» of that essences.

This album is dedicated to studies of water and carbon dioxide sounds. Two unique microspaces created by Jan Kees Helms are different but look like very familiar thanks for author’s laborious task which helps to unmistakably recognize these essences by its «voices».

Artworks are by Jan Kees Helms.


  1. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 1 (02:24)
  2. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 2 (04:07)
  3. Jan Kees Helms – CO2 – 3 (08:27)
  4. Jan Kees Helms – H20 – 1 (05:30)
  5. Jan Kees Helms – H20 – 2 (05:45)

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Various Artists – «Fall Asleep Ghosts»

Cat.# … DNA 72
Release Date … 23.12.2009
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient, Field Recordings, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

This compilation is dedicated to DNA Production second anniversary. Two years ago the first DNA Production release was out.

Despite label’s traditions, we invited mainly foreign musicians who aren’t in DNA Production catalogue before.

This huge, almost two hours long compilation is created in drone/dark ambient way, and certain tracks with noise and field recordings elements point out compilation’s own distinctive ambient style.

Cover photo by Z.Miderska.
Artworks are by Knell.


  1. porzellan – Anaximander Gardens (08:07)
  2. Jan Kees Helms – E-Nature (05:50)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Slowly To North (11:28)
  4. Indo – Nasca (10:26)
  5. Raspad Atoma – Rest In Mist (09:52)
  6. Turmoil – Sinon (09:25)
  7. Purist – Narkolepsie (07:50)
  8. Epsilon Eridani – Immer Schnee In Silenzio (04:25)
  9. Seetyca – Von Der Nothwendikeyt Des Vergehens (08:01)
  10. SEDNA – 25° S 171° E (11:49)
  11. Roy-Arne Knutsen – Cold (05:02)
  12. uncertain – Seedling (03:12)
  13. ELDAR – Argeles Sur Mer (04:06)
  14. Light Implant – Half Apocalypse (04:04)
  15. Fosel – Planetary Reduction Drive (08:32)
  16. Inner Struggle – Outro (05:04)

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Purist – «Stillstand»

Cat.# … DNA 69
Release Date … 30.11.2009
Genre … Drone, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Deep and tough chords, guitar drones thrown each on other with an overlap. Drones repeated cyclically and inarticulate whisper upon it – in this way Purist new instrumental piece starts. But don’t compare «Stillstand» with godlike «Sunn o)))» drone masterpieces or with early works of legendary «Black Sabbath». Yes, there are similar features but when «Stillstand» reaches its middle point, saxophone improvisations cut through drones. A bit schizophrenic, it sound very good and appears as that so-called «future jazz» developed by German band «The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation», a fellow-countrymen to Purist.

But despite these strong influences and associations, in this work Purist members prove they have their own distinctive features. In awesome final they create leisurely improvisation duel between melancholic saxophone and depressive guitar chords hovering over the mass of chaotic drones.


  1. Purist – Stillstand (18:58)

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CEZAR – «The Collection 1998-2006»

Cat.# … DNA 63
Release Date … 30.09.2009
Genre … Abstract, Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Polish sound designer Cezary Gapik aka CEZAR presents the retrospective compilation of his most significant tracks previously included in CEZAR’s past works self-released mostly as CD-Rs.

Six deliberately impersonal isolationist tracks are composed of plastic, viscous and static minimal ambient layers with a slight touch of electroacoustic. Looped and evenly pulsing synthetic drones integrate in abstract soundscapes adding meditative features in completely lifeless and isolationist emotional atmosphere of this work.


  1. CEZAR – #0002 [Zaduszki I] (05:24)
  2. CEZAR – #0143 (10:39)
  3. CEZAR – #0244 (#) (17:41)
  4. CEZAR – #0347 (06:00)
  5. CEZAR – #0354 (16:14)
  6. CEZAR – #0401 (05:33)

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The Large – «Вода (Water)»

Cat.# … DNA 57
Release Date … 30.07.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

The third The Large work in DNA Production catalogue continues with psychedelic worlds created by the Finnish maestro.

The same melancholic and introversive looped sound constructions are inserted in unevenly pulsating claustrophobic ambient spaces. Spaces where sound winds were caught and locked. The winds which cast in your face sometimes heap of rustling noises, sometimes scraps of somebody’s conversation…

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


  1. The Large – Esoteric Interpretation (11:36)
  2. The Large – Raw (10:30)
  3. The Large – Oval Verdict (14:42)
  4. The Large – Small Galaxies (14:59)

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The Large – «Лестница (Stairs)»

Cat.# … DNA 55
Release Date … 10.07.2009
Genre … Experimental, Electronic, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Stairs… Winding staircases leading sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards. The way repeated over and over again. The way without end and without beginning…

Finnish experimental project The Large presents new work fully constructed on psychedelic electronic loops interwoven with each other. It consists of four shaky and intricate structures with ambient inclusions which accentuate emotional line of the album – contemplation, estrangement, sadness and calm.

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


  1. The Large – Feel It Now (14:03)
  2. The Large – Baneful Spearhead On A Solemn Sojourn (08:07)
  3. The Large – Deplorableness (07:35)
  4. The Large – Everything You Have And Haven’t Done (18:57)

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aCAU – «Shinchoku Joukyou»

Cat.# … DNA 51
Release Date … 10.06.2009
Genre … Noise, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Experimental project aCAU’s debut work was created in a style reminiscent of K.K. Null guitar noise experiments.

Despite Japanese titles for the album and tracks, aCAU retains its unique creativity. «Shinchoku Joukyou» has softer and distinctive sound and focuses on post-industrial experiments.

Artworks for this release were made by aCAU.


  1. aCAU – Motomeru (06:16)
  2. aCAU – Yobidashi (12:54)
  3. aCAU – Shinsei To Kutsujoku (04:21)
  4. aCAU – Shin Shisutemu (04:35)
  5. aCAU – Shingou Ki (12:35)

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The Large – «Cabaret Obscure»

Cat.# … DNA 50
Release Date … 30.05.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

Finnish artist The Large who previously took part in successful compilation «Could We Live Forever?» now makes its debut on DNA Production with the album «Cabaret Obscure».

This work presents ambient side of the project: sometimes it’s nervous, gothic and sombre, sometimes – melancholic and contemplative.

Artworks for the release were made by Vitaly Maklakov.


  1. The Large – Chimera (05:36)
  2. The Large – Beowulf (11:00)
  3. The Large – Ardently Arcane (10:30)
  4. The Large – Languish (08:42)
  5. The Large – Memories From The Future (14:42)

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