Igl00 – «Ниже нуля (Lower Than Zero)»

Cat.# … DNA 157
Release Date … 02.04.2014
Genre … Drone, Isolationism, Field Recordings
Type … FLAC Lossless

«…We had “strayed”, as the Swede put it, into some region or some set of conditions where the risks were great, yet unintelligible to us; where the frontiers of some unknown world lay close about us. It was a spot held by the dwellers in some outer space, a sort of peep-hole whence they could spy upon the earth, themselves unseen, a point where the veil between had worn a little thin…»

This quotation from «The Willows», a story by Algernon Blackwood, is a better description for the atmosphere created by this work. «Ниже нуля (Lower Than Zero)» consists of minimalistic isolationist soundscapes which split up into myriads of noises of uncertain nature. Weird, cold, incomprehensible – it’s something beyond human perception.


  1. Igl00 – Ниже Нуля (Lower Than Zero) (18:08)

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uhushuhu in Sadayatana Podcast #175

Tracks by uhushuhu have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #175 «The Last Sofa» (March 22, 2014).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #175 «The Last Sofa»

uhushuhu – «dlinnye pesni priyatnye slukhu»

Cat.# … DNA 156
Release Date … 23.03.2014
Genre … Drone, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Here is «dlinnye pesni priyatnye slukhu», the début work by «ухушуху» (uhushuhu), a side-project of Russian creative association «Утроворту» (Utrovortu). The title is Russian «длинные песни приятные слуху» which means «long songs pleasant for hearing» in English.

These three tracks present a journey through structures and layers contained in sound envelope of drone and ambient. Find there sound anomalies, unsystematic wanderings in shaky unpredictable areas, vague rustles and seeming echoes, spaces of various density, mood and nature, secret dead ends, spontaneous sound making and labyrinths closed in themselves.


  1. uhushuhu – поверхностная (surface) (24:11)
  2. uhushuhu – подводная (underwater) (18:51)
  3. uhushuhu – подземная (underground) (09:42)

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Crocell, IOK-1, R6, Red Fog and others in Sadayatana Podcast #78

Tracks by Crocell, IOK-1, R6, Red Fog, The Ghost Between The Strings and Epsilon Eridani have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #78 «Ghost In Daylight» (April 29, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #78 «Ghost In Daylight»

Nemertis and Zreen Toyz in Sadayatana Podcast #71

Tracks by Nemertis and Zreen Toyz have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #71 «The Dark» (March 10, 2012).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.
Sadayatana Podcast #71 «The Dark»

Nemertis – «Reverberanta»

Cat.# … DNA 126
Release Date … 04.03.2012
Genre … Drone
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

Recently featured at the split with Creation VI, Belarussian drone/shoegaze project Nemertis now presents their full-length work «Reverberanta».

Here Nemertis is remaining on drone side with four track of various length but similar composition where low-frequency drones breathe measuredly behind silver bells of trembling guitar chords.


  1. Nemertis – Polar Nova (04:17)
  2. Nemertis – Lightscape (19:24)
  3. Nemertis – Reverberanta (06:10)
  4. Nemertis – Trees Above The Seas (28:47)

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Nemertis & Creation VI – «Split»

Cat.# … DNA 124
Release Date … 08.02.2012
Genre … Drone
Type … FLAC Lossless

Days flow like a brook waters glittering in the sunlight. Dreams and remembrances get mixed with each other. Morning looks like evening, and night invites to forests where sacral dance of the Nature takes place away from street lamps and strangers’ eyes. Getting warmed with sunlight, we come to a new era. Here sand and stones lay beneath fallen conifers’ needles. Roots attract lightning bugs when trees lose their leaves and prepare to complete the main life cycle while their bare branches spreads under moonlight, rain and cold winds. Distant thunder sounds like its own echo playing a melody by feathers of ruffled owls. Lightnings turn to stares of angels coming down to Earth as whole World is quivering, pulsating and singing his everlasting song.

This split unites two works which are similar in discovering something new in drone ambient. Two projects – from Kiev, Ukraine and from Minsk, Belarus – explore guitar sound as a tool for developing abstract sound canvases. These abstract constructions are usually based on minimalistic sound streams and textures whose interlacing forms massive soundscapes.


  1. Nemertis – Intro (02:17)
  2. Nemertis – Clouds (07:07)
  3. Nemertis – Burial’s Angels (10:44)
  4. Nemertis – Thunders Were Guests In This Room (06:00)
  5. Creation VI – Leto (05:02)
  6. Creation VI – Chorophobia (08:15)
  7. Creation VI – Hour Of Shortened Shadows (04:11)
  8. Creation VI – Sands (05:07)
  9. Creation VI – Listopad (07:08)

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