Kolpakopf, A.T.M.O.M., SiJ & Creation VI and Creation Of Birds & Somnium in Sadayatana Podcast #147

Tracks by Kolpakopf, A.T.M.O.M., SiJ & Creation VI and Creation Of Birds & Somnium have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #147 «Unity of Everything» (August 25, 2013).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #147 «Unity of Everything»

SiJ & Creation VI – «Enchanted Island»

Cat.# … DNA 145
Release Date … 17.03.2013
Genre … Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Two Ukrainian ambient projects collaborated for composing six tracks of their «Enchanted Island» album. This work takes listeners into halls and passages among ancient ruins located on an island somewhere in ocean. Mysterious place keeps secrets of vanished civilization, and nobody knows what was kept there: sacral knowledges or enigmatic artefacts that looks like mysterious machinery. Strange plants and animals populate passages and patios inside this place, and something unknown utters weird roar in waterlogged vaults…

Artwork by Alena Perepadya.


  1. SiJ & Creation VI – Island (08:01)
  2. SiJ & Creation VI – Inside The Ruins (07:05)
  3. SiJ & Creation VI – Kalpa (10:57)
  4. SiJ & Creation VI – Hall Of Véda (07:39)
  5. SiJ & Creation VI – Secret Room (13:50)
  6. SiJ & Creation VI – Disruption Of Timeless (10:37)

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Nemertis & Creation VI – «Split»

Cat.# … DNA 124
Release Date … 08.02.2012
Genre … Drone
Type … FLAC Lossless

Days flow like a brook waters glittering in the sunlight. Dreams and remembrances get mixed with each other. Morning looks like evening, and night invites to forests where sacral dance of the Nature takes place away from street lamps and strangers’ eyes. Getting warmed with sunlight, we come to a new era. Here sand and stones lay beneath fallen conifers’ needles. Roots attract lightning bugs when trees lose their leaves and prepare to complete the main life cycle while their bare branches spreads under moonlight, rain and cold winds. Distant thunder sounds like its own echo playing a melody by feathers of ruffled owls. Lightnings turn to stares of angels coming down to Earth as whole World is quivering, pulsating and singing his everlasting song.

This split unites two works which are similar in discovering something new in drone ambient. Two projects – from Kiev, Ukraine and from Minsk, Belarus – explore guitar sound as a tool for developing abstract sound canvases. These abstract constructions are usually based on minimalistic sound streams and textures whose interlacing forms massive soundscapes.


  1. Nemertis – Intro (02:17)
  2. Nemertis – Clouds (07:07)
  3. Nemertis – Burial’s Angels (10:44)
  4. Nemertis – Thunders Were Guests In This Room (06:00)
  5. Creation VI – Leto (05:02)
  6. Creation VI – Chorophobia (08:15)
  7. Creation VI – Hour Of Shortened Shadows (04:11)
  8. Creation VI – Sands (05:07)
  9. Creation VI – Listopad (07:08)

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Creation VI – «Apeiros»

Cat.# … DNA 107
Release Date … 10.04.2011
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Apeiros (Greek word means «infinitely incognizable») is a term Plato used for description of primary matter which is out of principle of the form. Unlike the common matter of the perceived Universe, Apeiros has to contain determinacy principle as it should be the beginning for everything else. But also it means that Apeiros must stay indefinite. Thus here is an actualization of the transcendent into immanent.

«Apeiros» by Creation VI is an original picture of Universe where superstrings theory combines with Plato’s doctrine about the matter and Hindu universe conception combines with quantum mechanics.

The World here looks like united decentralized network where each element can express all others. The World as a universal wave function of indefinite number of vibrating superstrings which all are just monad essences cuts, indefinite archetypes that continuously actualize itself and thus create the stream of unboundedness.


  1. Creation VI – Archetype Storage (09:35)
  2. Creation VI – Actually Infinite Deletion (16:20)
  3. Creation VI – Looped Superstring (11:27)
  4. Creation VI – Nonlocal Correlation (25:36)

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