Кромешна – «Ветряки»

Cat.# … DNA 167
Release Date … 11.02.2015
Genre … Drone Ambient, Field Recordings
Type … FLAC Lossless

Кромешна gets back to DNA Production with another murky and deep work, a snapshot of the world around – at this time and at this place. 37-minute-long piece of hum, noise and hubbub from working windmill’s machinery with bird’s twittering in the fields around – that’s «Ветряки», windmills in Russian.

«Ветряки» is not just a field recording. On the contrary, this is self-sufficient system full of industrial noises and heavy drones. That’s a particular feature peculiar to Kromeshna/Кромешна. This project’s works are always uneasy and always gazing into itself inviting a listener to look inside it and inside yourself as well.


  1. Кромешна – Ветряки (36:58)

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Kolpakopf, Red Fog & lost-radio in Sadayatana Podcast #208

Tracks by Kolpakopf, Red Fog & lost-radio have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #208 «Mysterious States» (February 02, 2015).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #208 «Mysterious States»

Igl00 & lost-radio – «Untitled Scenes III»

Cat.# … DNA 163
Release Date … 30.10.2014
Genre … Isolationism, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Isolationist project Igl00 continues his «Untitled Scenes» line with the third in a row new work called simply «Untitled Scenes III». This time Igl00 shares the album with another ambient project lost-radio: odd tracks are by Igl00 and even ones are by lost-radio.

In «Untitled Scenes III» Igl00’s isolationist approach has changed, and his two tracks sound louder, brighter, more expressive. Now it looks like closer to elemental drone ambient textures balancing upon vast cloudy fields of cold isolationist hum. While the basic drones accompanied by obsessively repeated rustles flow free in «Scene VII», in «Scene IX» amorphous cold drones slowly absorb simple harmonies’ remnants.

lost-radio’s part of the album is less isolationist and much closer to straight drone ambient – a noisy reverberant drone ambient, if you like. There are same amorphous but much more aggressive drones form low-frequency flow with ultra slow development, and both tracks look like frozen stream with a few tiny foreign sound elements encapsulated.


  1. Igl00 – Scene VII (07:32)
  2. lost-radio – Scene VIII (08:00)
  3. Igl00 – Scene IX (05:35)
  4. lost-radio – Scene X (08:04)

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Red Fog – «Exodus To The Land Of The Drone»

Cat.# … DNA 162
Release Date … 21.10.2014
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Exodus To The Land Of The Drone» looks like another move in Red Fog’s drifting between severe uneasy drone ambient and something like «micro-sound» ambient which was presented in previous (for DNA Production) Red Fog’s work called «Zone Of Avoidance».

The title speaks for itself: here Red Fog turns to his trademark, to the lengthy recurrent loops of heavy-breathing drones which soak everything around with low-frequency rumbling. Sometimes these drone layers find themselves massively pierced with crisp micro sounds of industrial origin. Sometimes they overwhelm, stun, deafen with multiply resonated hum fragments well-mixed and thrown straight in your face.

Each track presents its own sound snapshot of an inorganic world living its life quietly or loud. Find there soundtracks to various processes which occur right now in a tiny stone, metal piece, liquid drop or in a vast star system.


  1. Red Fog – Castle Of Condensation (17:03)
  2. Red Fog – The Quiet Magnetar (16:14)
  3. Red Fog – Volans Disruption (14:38)
  4. Red Fog – Cinder Petals (18:24)

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Red Fog in Sadayatana Podcast #198

Tracks by Red Fog have featured in Sadayatana Podcast #198 «Become Ghosts» (October 07, 2014).

Listen and find there:

Thanks to John Tocher.

Sadayatana Podcast #198 «Become Ghosts»

Igl00 – «Untitled Scenes II»

Cat.# … DNA 158
Release Date … 26.05.2014
Genre … Drone Ambient, Isolationism
Type … FLAC Lossless

Here is a sequel of «Untitled Scenes» by Igl00 which is as consistent in a style as in a title – «Untitled Scenes II».

Find there the same cold atmosphere of isolationism and tranquillity, the same quiet and half-hidden melodies beyond the veil of slowly pulsing drone loops floating in the layers of hushing noises.


  1. Igl00 – Scene IV (10:24)
  2. Igl00 – Scene V (10:08)
  3. Igl00 – Scene VI (10:08)

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Accasari – «Mare Fungus»

Cat.# … DNA 155
Release Date … 14.02.2014
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Unevenly pulsing guitar chords and monotonous but vibrant drone ambient layers merge in two long pieces presented by Accasari in the new work called «Mare Fungus». Along with mushrooms on the cover, the title comes as straight as provocative. But there is no any traditional psychedelic features, only resonant drones that eventually develop in big and complex sound tangle where some layers may come in resonance and then cause a deeper immersion in these sound structures.

Peter L. – guitar, bass, sound processing.
Ilya Matsevich – additional guitar on «Ascomycota».
Kol Belov – cover art.


  1. Accasari – Ascomycota (15:38)
  2. Accasari – Mare Fungus (32:20)

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Igl00 – «Untitled Scenes»

Cat.# … DNA 153
Release Date … 01.12.2013
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Ukrainian isolationist project Igl00 presents his début work «Untitled Scenes» in which he offers three ultra-quiet but very deep drone ambient tracks. They are tranquil and serene and look like slow journey on the edge between dream and reality. Here the mind resets its state and clear residual data to be ready to get consciousness to sleep. No people nor machines are there, just isolation and tranquillity.

Despite cold images used in virtual cover, «Untitled Scenes» isn’t too static and offers a lot of warm sound. Slight movements in the air, vague tapping, remote and barely audible sounds – all these dying day’s melodies form a proper ambience for relaxation and meditation.

Photo by Alexey Vilyansky.

«Untitled Scenes» is a part of «Short Drones» series – «Short Drones Part XIII».


  1. Igl00 – Scene 1 (05:29)
  2. Igl00 – Scene 2 (08:12)
  3. Igl00 – Scene 3 (02:35)

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