Les Chemins Sauvages – «Reprise Fragile»

Cat.# … DNA 97
Release Date … 30.11.2010
Genre … Experimental, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«I am staring at the white wall, the spider on the ceiling, the edge of the wood…».
Clémence Pantaignan.

Second act of «Wild Paths», «Reprise Fragile» is a piece which has been compared and played at the time of a long convalescence.

Here, the high lands of Aragon disappear to give place to treatment, loneliness, the will to recover my wild roots in an urban and medical environment.

Writing, Voice, Dance: Clémence Pantaigan.
Fields recordings: Hughes Germain, Jérôme Renault, Clémence Pantaignan.
Guitare Baryton: Gilles Lahonda.
Photos: Jean Marc Saint Paul & Catherine Bordenave.
Assembly, mixing and mastering : Jérôme Renault.
Artworks by Jean Marc Saint Paul.


  1. Les Chemins Sauvages – Le Couloir (04:28)
  2. Les Chemins Sauvages – Émerger (03:19)
  3. Les Chemins Sauvages – La Visite (03:27)
  4. Les Chemins Sauvages – L’Ablution (03:07)
  5. Les Chemins Sauvages – La Forêt (03:04)
  6. Les Chemins Sauvages – L’Abri (03:36)
  7. Les Chemins Sauvages – Revenir (04:03)

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Spanse – «Sky»

Cat.# … DNA 93
Release Date … 15.08.2010
Genre … Drone, Ambient, Experimental, Sound Art
Type … FLAC Lossless

The pieces range in style from minimal sonic landscapes, to huge hyper-chromatic compositions. Many of the works in this series use huge numbers of discreet tones.

These are present often in the form of successive layers of large «tonal clusters», which add a very natural and otherworldly feeling. These techniques are achieved through a variety of processes, including custom software environments. Instruments are viewed more as tone generators, than in the traditional way.

Sound sources include: guitar, synthesizer, found objects, exotic native American and third world flutes; electromechanical sonic sculptures; many found sounds and field recordings; unusual hacked and created circuits; software environments in platforms like Max/MSP and Pure Data, VB etc that relate directly to whatever I might be doing at the time.

Artwork by Jeff Bechtel.


  1. Spanse – A Billion Stars (04:31)
  2. Spanse – Chaiii (04:16)
  3. Spanse – Allo (06:25)
  4. Spanse – The Ancient (05:08)
  5. Spanse – Soft Dive (05:50)
  6. Spanse – ORC mvt3 (05:12)

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Wehwalt & Marc-Henri Arfeux – «Myrrha»

Cat.# … DNA 91
Release Date … 15.07.2010
Genre … Abstract, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Myrrha refers to a greek legend. According to this story, Myrrha, victim of her incestuous father, Cinyras, king of Cyprus, implored the gods to banish her from the world of the living and the dead, after a nine moons restless wandering in the woods. They changed him into a tree. The myrrh is said to be the loading of her tears during her transformation.
In the end, through a split in her bark, she gave birth to Adonis, a major god representing death and renewal, who is associated to roses and myrtle.

Although this album is inspired by this legend, it does not follow the purpose to depict the sad adventures of Myrrha, but must be interpreted as a symbol of creation. The music, changeable and always unexpected, begins to develop its mental flow and carries our deep emotions. One hears distant whispers, the breath of wind and the things coming to life from the very core of their stillness, to create a sound painting of man’s and nature’s most secret inner forces.

Artwork by Knell.


  1. Wehwalt – Birth Of Adonis I (23:54)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Birth Of Adonis II (26:30)

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Indo – «Nasca Lines»

Cat.# … DNA 84
Release Date … 20.04.2010
Genre … Ambient, Experimental
Type … mp3 CBR 320 kbps

DNA Production presents Indo new work called «Nasca Lines».

Previous release has been created in the vein of Muslim mysticism, and now mystic features are definitely present in the new work but it isn’t the same religious mysticism. «Nasca Lines» is mystic and abstract in spirit and in music where atonal loopes and synthetic accords prevail over minimal ambient layers.

Artwork by Indo.


  1. Indo – Nasca (14:44)
  2. Indo – Lines (09:35)
  3. Indo – Nasca Lines (10:44)

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Das Rückgrat Der Nacht – «Vier Jahreszeiten»

Cat.# … DNA 83
Release Date … 10.04.2010
Genre … Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings
Type … FLAC Lossless

An (dark) ambient approach to the four seasons – awakening of spring, summer heat, autumn storm, winter numbness.
The tracks are very varied, from drones and soundscapes, slow rhythms, piano improvisation to almost noise-like walls of sound.

For this work Martin Besig used (manipulated) nature recordings, analog and digital synthesizers, samples, his voice, the piano…

Artwork by Martin Besig.


  1. Das Rückgrat Der Nacht – Frühlingserwachen (20:37)
  2. Das Rückgrat Der Nacht – Sommerhitze (20:14)
  3. Das Rückgrat Der Nacht – Herbststurm (20:21)
  4. Das Rückgrat Der Nacht – Winterstarre (20:09)

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Marc-Henri Arfeux – «House Of Morpheus»

Cat.# … DNA 81
Release Date … 20.03.2010
Genre … Ambient, Abstract, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«The «House Of Morpheus» is not only a realm of sleep and dreams, but also deals with the wide awake concentration of the meditating and creating conscience when inspired by its inner lamps, darkness and dawns. The pieces of music gathered in this album are some of the many rooms in this infinite mental house.

«Scansion» is a ritual of rising light, a call to the horizon and a celebration of this world’s enigma.

«La Seu», inspired by the cathedral of Palma de Majorque, enhances this spiritual dimension. In the huge mysterious stone vessel, a music of ceremony intertwines with the acoustic presence of the invisible, and dissolves in it, as if the cathedral’s roof slowly opened on a deep mystic night sparkling with stars.

«Kozan-Ji» refers to a mountain buddhist temple of the district of Kyoto. Its solitude and serenity, expressed by an almost monophonic horizontal line, leads us to pure quietness through a central and symbolic fight for deliverance.

«From The Realm Of Morpheus» is dedicated to the eponymous novel of the American writer Steven Millhauser. It is a journey in the underground world of mysteries, nightmares, haunting memories, whispering intimate ghosts, and imagination, everyone holds in his mind.

«Chora» ends this visit in the secret house of soul, with a thanksgiving music offered to the daylight and the beauty of this unbelievable mysterious world. The title of this piece hides a double meaning by its reference to the Greek word «khora» (space), and its allusion to the French words «choral» (a religious kind of music, often for voices) and «chorale» (a choir). It is indeed an ode of joy leading to a final poem.»
Marc-Henri Arfeux, 16 January 2010.

Artwork by Marc-Henri Arfeux.


  1. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Scansion (09:36)
  2. Marc-Henri Arfeux – La Seu (18:16)
  3. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Kozan-Ji (07:54)
  4. Marc-Henri Arfeux – From The Realm Of Morpheus (16:48)
  5. Marc-Henri Arfeux – Chora (09:16)

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Leonid M. Zhest’ – «Black Box»

Cat.# … DNA 80
Release Date … 10.03.2010
Genre … Ambient, Electronic
Type … FLAC Lossless

After more than year Russian ambient project Leonid M. Zhest’ is back with the new work called «Black Box».

As a first release «KaYa», «Black Box» is saturated with deathly atmosphere of synthetic world. Album’s cold and lifelessness are underlined with soft and flexible analogue sound. A little bit of minimalism in «Brain Waves» looks like evidence of world’s synthetic nature. It disappears later but leaves strange metallic aftertaste and vibrating silence in the ears.

No doubt, «Black Box» is the present for industrial cynics and dark sci-fi lovers.

Artworks by Leonid M. Zhest’.


  1. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Empty City (06:58)
  2. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Magnetic Tape (09:36)
  3. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Brain Waves (10:12)
  4. Leonid M. Zhest’ – KaYA (Memory & Future) (05:45)
  5. Leonid M. Zhest’ – Civil Dead (05:58)

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Il Taglia – «Selection»

Cat.# … DNA 79
Release Date … 28.02.2010
Genre … Guitar Improvisation, Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Selection» is a collection of songs that takes some important moments from long collections never released («Exp09» and «Elec09», the first one starts from guitars, the second one from synths), plus one trip of acoustic guitars, banjos and echoes («January 2009») and some quiet moments from «2008». A very spacey track released recording over and destructurating a song of a friend of mine…

It’s very emotional work. Light and romantic, it’s sometimes sad and very human, sometimes cold and abstract.
Melodic guitar improvisations are the core of the album. They’re the bricks for sound constructions created on unstable foundation of light ambient layers. The constructions are so light and clear, intricate and fanciful, full of shades and very logical.
«Selection» by Il Taglia is the real creative work which not needs tags or descriptions. It’s a fusion of emotions and sound design, romance and mathematics.

All tracks recorded between 2008 and 2009.

Drawings (Sleeve front+back), acoustic & electric guitars, banjo, piano, synths, xylophone, filtered vocals, cavequeno, percussions by Luca Tagliabue.
Fonts design by Knell.

Track #3 is the reworked version of «The Visitor» by Bessemerr (from «Monoscopium EP»): additional production, guitars, banjo, piano, synths by Luca Tagliabue.


  1. Il Taglia – Elec09XI (03:24)
  2. Il Taglia – Exp09I (07:49)
  3. Il Taglia – The Visitor (Original By Bessemerr) (Il Taglia Version) (07:34)
  4. Il Taglia – Elec09III (01:52)
  5. Il Taglia – 2008 #4 (06:08)
  6. Il Taglia – Elec09VII (03:00)
  7. Il Taglia – 2008 #1 (06:00)
  8. Il Taglia – January 2009 (13:22)
  9. Il Taglia – January 2009 – The End (09:04)

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Leere 86 – «Leere 86»

Cat.# … DNA 75
Release Date … 20.01.2010
Genre … Post-Rock, Lo-Fi, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

This more than twenty-minute work created by Ukrainian project Leere 86 is a new chapter in DNA Production history.

It consists of lo-fi post-rock, ambient and shoegazing combination and forms tight and expressive atmosphere which reach its peak at second track, the pure post-rock pearl called simply «II».

Artworks are by Leere 86.


  1. Leere 86 – I (07:27)
  2. Leere 86 – II (06:32)
  3. Leere 86 – III (07:20)

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