Kolpakopf – «Solitude Éternelle – Six Pieces Pour le Bruit et l’Orchestre»

Cat.# … DNA 152
Release Date … 25.10.2013
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Here is another return by Kolpakopf who later released some exceptional albums at DNA Production. The project is famous for his conceptual approach in composing, and now Kolpakopf presents a short work inspired by modern symphonic music as well as spectral music.

In musical terms, «Solitude Éternelle – Six Pieces Pour le Bruit et l’Orchestre» is a dark ambient work with classical music samples expertly inserted in ambient canvases. But author puts emphasis on a mental aspect which drove him to create these six pieces, a solitude. A feeling every human faces in his life, solitude is eternal until humans feel and think. To want to be with somebody and to feel oneself lonely is a human nature. That’s a thought Kolpakopf tries to express in his new work enchased with reminiscences of modern classical and spectral music.


  1. Kolpakopf – Adagietto (01:37)
  2. Kolpakopf – Andantino Stridente P.I (03:39)
  3. Kolpakopf – Adagio (04:44)
  4. Kolpakopf – Largo (04:31)
  5. Kolpakopf – Andante Non Troppo (05:12)
  6. Kolpakopf – Andantino Stridente P.II (03:45)

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