Thelxinoe – «Inner Subspace»

Cat.# … DNA 142
Release Date … 24.11.2012
Genre … Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Inner Subspace» is the first full-length album by Thelxinoe, and it’s a honour for DNA Production to release such outstanding debut work.

This release continues developing distinct Thelxinoe approach of creating high-quality drone ambient with the stringed and wind instruments involved. There are some slightly Maeror Tri/Troum-influenced moments such as light and a bit psychedelic, sometimes reversed guitar chords – especially in the shorter odd tracks which look like introductions or transitions to much longer even tracks. But the essence of Thelxinoe’s creativity is in the second track full of straight multilayered canvases of meditative drone ambient and particularly in fourth 33-minutes track. This marvelous piece is called «Corona Borealis Void» and offers dark texture made of overwhelmingly long-resonating brain-blowing drones which goes as perfect background for sometimes melancholic and relaxing, sometimes psychedelic saxophone inclusions.

Alexey Zakharov: alt-saxophone, baritone-saxophone.
Peter L.: guitar, bass, sound processing.
Kol Belov: cover art.


  1. Thelxinoe – Virgo I Cluster (09:20)
  2. Thelxinoe – Coma Cluster (19:00)
  3. Thelxinoe – Fornax Void (08:10)
  4. Thelxinoe – Corona Borealis Void (33:00)

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