Inner Struggle – «Burning Down The Past»

Cat.# … DNA 67
Release Date … 10.11.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Inner Struggle first solo work at DNA Production wins over listeners witn its completeness and polish. It’s like an ancient peat lake with dark waters. Rain and wind paint weird dark ambient traceries on the lake’s cold waves of heavy and hollow drones keeping its mysteries and fears under the surface of deceptively calm waters.

No matter where the lake are – in primitive forest, in forgotten glen or among ruins of abandoned industrial area. No matter how this music sounds like. It could have many names but it always has its own distinctive features: conceptual completeness, integrity and inner power.

All graphics are by Seclorum.


  1. Inner Struggle – Derelict (03:46)
  2. Inner Struggle – Threatening Places (04:38)
  3. Inner Struggle – Wasteland (03:56)
  4. Inner Struggle – The Eternal Loneliness (06:18)
  5. Inner Struggle – The Mental Anguish (06:08)
  6. Inner Struggle – Salvation (05:06)

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Itzli – «Sadness»

Cat.# … DNA 66
Release Date … 30.10.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Modern Classical
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Sadness», the new work from Russian dark ambient project Itzli, shows its obvious creative progress in comparison with first Itzli work released as a part of the split album «Waves From Sick Mind / Blue Bird». Preserving initial strength and gloominess, Itzli considerably improved in composition and emotional tension degree.

Musically «Sadness» differs from standard dark ambient because of good and balanced neoclassical inclusions which accentuates individuality of each tracks as well as the album in whole. And emotionally material assumed some gothic features expressing the dark side of Itzli creativity: melancholy turning into depression, unconscious anxiety, reticence and despair.

Artworks are by Itzli.


  1. Itzli – Road (04:44)
  2. Itzli – Cellar (05:36)
  3. Itzli – Casket (06:03)
  4. Itzli – Old Record (04:20)
  5. Itzli – Rain (06:40)
  6. Itzli – Sadness (08:00)
  7. Itzli – In The End… (06:04)

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Fosel – «Equilibria»

Cat.# … DNA 61
Release Date … 10.09.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Nearly two years ago DNA Production was ran, and the first release in its catalogue was Fosel’s work called «Triangulum». Now, after sixty albums released, DNA Production proudly presents «Equilibria», the new release from Fosel.

Stylistically this work is similar to «Triangulum» but a little bit deeper and integral. It has the same background, abstract sound spaces harmonious in its minimality. Spaces are different for each track but are always constructed from atomic and elastic sound waves with the smallest cracklings, rustles and other concrete sounds. In these spaces melancholic melodies appear and go away imperceptibly, gentle melodies for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Also «Equilibria» inherits finely balanced composition and expert sound processing which makes it possible to reach its staggering extensionality and transparency.

Artworks are by Fosel.


  1. Fosel – I (06:08)
  2. Fosel – II (04:20)
  3. Fosel – III (05:08)
  4. Fosel – IV (04:16)
  5. Fosel – V (06:32)
  6. Fosel – VI (06:19)
  7. Fosel – VII (04:51)
  8. Fosel – VIII (06:00)
  9. Fosel – IX (03:48)

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I.M.M.U.R.E. – «Somnia»

Cat.# … DNA 60
Release Date … 30.08.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

I.M.M.U.R.E., who contributed a lot to DNA Production catalogue in the past, now presents a new considerable work with clear composition and idea. This album called «Somnia», a Latin equivalent for English «dreams», is a compressed flow of dream essences expressed in sound. Against all expectations, it’s not calm and fuzzy soundscape but intense and droning ambient layer on background with dense build on «natural» sounds layer in front. Throughout all 43-minute piece minimal and powerful background layer is continually competing with «natural» sounds while clear light consonances hover over all.

Emotional peak of the piece is in the beggining of last third when Troum-like dry pulsations raise and begin to support «natural» sounds layer harmoniously interlacing and painting unusual pictures of dreaming subconsciousness. And in the end of «Somnia» is the same haze of «natural» sounds floating above droning background.

Artworks by I.M.M.U.R.E.


  1. I.M.M.U.R.E. – Somnia (43:25)

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Epsilon Eridani – «Retrospective»

Cat.# … DNA 58
Release Date … 10.08.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Dark ambient project Epsilon Eridani presents slightly unusual work. It’s called «Retrospective» and is the set of the Mexican outfit’s best tracks mixed and performed by Juan Pablo Valle, the project mastermind.

Nine deep and multilayer dark ambient tracks imperceptibly segue into each other creating seamless majestic sound canvas. Field recording experiences mix with touches of religious voice samples as a frame for slowly changed spatial soundscapes.

This is the music to listen in loneliness and darkness with shut eyes. This is springboard for dreaming subconsciousness painting weird pictures in listener’s inner vision.

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


  1. Epsilon Eridani – Retrospective (44:31)

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The Large – «Вода (Water)»

Cat.# … DNA 57
Release Date … 30.07.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

The third The Large work in DNA Production catalogue continues with psychedelic worlds created by the Finnish maestro.

The same melancholic and introversive looped sound constructions are inserted in unevenly pulsating claustrophobic ambient spaces. Spaces where sound winds were caught and locked. The winds which cast in your face sometimes heap of rustling noises, sometimes scraps of somebody’s conversation…

All artworks were made by Insomnia93.


  1. The Large – Esoteric Interpretation (11:36)
  2. The Large – Raw (10:30)
  3. The Large – Oval Verdict (14:42)
  4. The Large – Small Galaxies (14:59)

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J Orphic – «Sulla Terra»

Cat.# … DNA 53
Release Date … 25.06.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Sulla Terra» is basically influenced by Nature, Fog, Christian Religion and Jeron’s instincts.

«Sulla Terra» is the debut full-length album printed in 51 limited edition copies and distributed for free download by courtesy of DNA Production.

Storm and Thunders in «Riflessioni» have been recorded live in a raining evening in September ’08.
Organ in «Come Neruda» is a live recording from Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie.
Voice in «Carillon» is by Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970).
Voice in «Come Bene» is by Carmelo Bene (1937-2002).
Lyrics in «Come Neruda» is by Pablo Neruda (1904-1973).

Artworks are made by Jeron.


  1. J Orphic – Come Ingrid (09:48)
  2. J Orphic – Un Nuovo Pianeta (07:16)
  3. J Orphic – Carillon (05:25)
  4. J Orphic – Come Neruda (06:13)
  5. J Orphic – Echi (09:06)
  6. J Orphic – Quiete (06:04)
  7. J Orphic – Riflessioni (05:44)
  8. J Orphic – Come Bene (07:05)

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K-fon – «Mental Landscapes»

Cat.# … DNA 52
Release Date … 20.06.2009
Genre … Dark Ambient, Industrial
Type … FLAC Lossless

Imagine world with different nature. Walk through a wierd land from the depth of your mind.

Hope this album help you to do it.

This album was recorded in winter 2009.

Artwork was made by K-fon.


  1. K-fon – Chaotic (03:55)
  2. K-fon – Industrial Nature (05:53)
  3. K-fon – Pareidolia (06:00)
  4. K-fon – Artificial (05:06)
  5. K-fon – Darkness Falls (03:48)

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