Les Chemins Sauvages – «Reprise Fragile»

Les Chemins Sauvages - «Reprise Fragile»Cat.# … DNA 97
Release Date … 30.11.2010
Genre … Experimental, Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

«I am staring at the white wall, the spider on the ceiling, the edge of the wood…».
Clémence Pantaignan.

Second act of «Wild Paths», «Reprise Fragile» is a piece which has been compared and played at the time of a long convalescence.

Here, the high lands of Aragon disappear to give place to treatment, loneliness, the will to recover my wild roots in an urban and medical environment.

Writing, Voice, Dance: Clémence Pantaigan.
Fields recordings: Hughes Germain, Jérôme Renault, Clémence Pantaignan.
Guitare Baryton: Gilles Lahonda.
Photos: Jean Marc Saint Paul & Catherine Bordenave.
Assembly, mixing and mastering : Jérôme Renault.
Artworks by Jean Marc Saint Paul.


  1. Les Chemins Sauvages – Le Couloir (04:28)
  2. Les Chemins Sauvages – Émerger (03:19)
  3. Les Chemins Sauvages – La Visite (03:27)
  4. Les Chemins Sauvages – L’Ablution (03:07)
  5. Les Chemins Sauvages – La Forêt (03:04)
  6. Les Chemins Sauvages – L’Abri (03:36)
  7. Les Chemins Sauvages – Revenir (04:03)

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