Les Chemins Sauvages


«Sensibility is the object of my artwork.
I am looking for and I’m trying out a way of writing: reality and imagination are my staple diet. This would translate the closest and the rightest intimate emotion, grasped as it came, at the very moment like a sensitive picture.»

Les Chemins Sauvages are sound and visual poems at the crossroads of theater, dance, live music and video. Clémence Pantaignan, a multidisciplinary artist creates in this way a fantasy autobiography in which reality and fiction are crossing each other. The artistic forms are inspired by the direct link the artist has with wild nature, but also with a suffering body.

Being true to collaboration principal, Clémence Pantaignan invites artist from complementary fields of expression and that gives fullness to the play piece. She suggests them an introspective journey in places where they could find the inspiration at the time of video and audio collects.

Path: line along which something a somebody moves. (way: road from one place to another).

Wild: growing in natural conditions, not cultivated.