Les Chemins Sauvages – «Salvare»

Les Chemins Sauvages - «Salvare»Cat.# … DNA 96
Release Date … 15.11.2010
Genre … Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«A few days later, my friends and I were off to Aragon, Spain. On the paths of that land, everything remains the same. I was back in the beauty, the strength, the magic of the spaces and the people there. I followed my old paths, I showed my secret places and caves, I half-opened my depths. We kept going, we picked up (sound, pictures, feelings), then we discovered other unknown paths. I could hear sang melodies, I could put a name on things, we were putting together our story.»
Clémence Pantaignan.

Here artists can feel the strength and the wild beauty of the natural places in Spain (Haut-Aragon). This piece is an hommage to the ghosts of the Spanish civil war, and more precisely to the deads from a village called Buissan, decimated during that tragic time.

Writing, Voice, Dance: Clémence Pantaignan.
Guitare Baryton: Gilles Lahonda.
Photos: Jean Marc Saint Paul.
Fields recordings, Phonographie, mixing, mastering and recording Live in PCI in March 2006: Hughes Germain.
Artworks by Jean Marc Saint Paul.


  1. Les Chemins Sauvages – Salvare (17:12)

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