Kolpakopf – «ХРОNOФАГIA»

Cat.# … DNA 165
Release Date … 21.01.2015
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

ХРОNOФАГIA means chronophagia in Ancient Greek. When naming his work with such word, Kolpakopf was inspired by «J. H. Obereit’s Visit to the Time-Leeches», a mystical story by Austrian expressionist writer Gustav Meyrink. In his reflections about nature of time Kolpakopf turned to this short story about weird journey in the world beyond where all people are distortedly reflected in some time-leeches. These disgusting creatures are devouring «time», a mystical essence of life sucked from respective people when these people are in expectation of something to be happened in their lives. The idea of the story is that every expectation or hope experienced by people leads to leaking that «time essence» from them and this constant leakage just like a bleeding eventually kills people because their lives are clots of thickened time.

Kolpakopf talks about that journey to the world of chronophages in his usual manner of meditative dark ambient whose coldness and transparency are emphasized by hand bells samples running all through the work.

So welcome to the world of time-leeches. Hurry to banish your hopes if you want to visit once your own gravestone and see that strange motto «VIVO» engraved there.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (31:58)

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