Kolpakopf – «Papora»

Cat.# … DNA 154
Release Date … 05.02.2014
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Papora is the alter form for paporotnik, a word which means «fern» in Russian. Fern plays a role in mystic rituals of many pagan traditions. In Slavonic pagan cults fern is considered as a magic plant whose flower provides some important magical skills such as a breaking any locks or an understanding animals’ language.

Legends tell that fern blossoms one night in the year (herbalists tell that fern never blossoms at all). This night is Ivan Kupala night, the night of 6/7 July. Ancient Slavs believe that forest evil spirits arise on this night and only bold man can overcome fears and find papora, the fern flower.

Kolpakopf in his new work called «Papora» brings us in that wild forest on the night of Ivan Kupala. Darkness breathing, weird noises, myriads of sound fragments are incorporated in raw and cold dark ambient soundscapes. Nine tracks merge in an imaginary trip full of irrational fears, forgotten feelings of something mystical and evil like ancient spirits waiting behind each tree in the wild dark forest where fern starts to blossom.


  1. Kolpakopf – Untitled (05:28)
  2. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:08)
  3. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:20)
  4. Kolpakopf – Untitled (05:49)
  5. Kolpakopf – Untitled (07:04)
  6. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:32)
  7. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:08)
  8. Kolpakopf – Untitled (05:20)
  9. Kolpakopf – Untitled (06:56)

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