Xalm Retribution – «The Man With The Red Face»

Cat.# … DNA 151
Release Date … 25.09.2013
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

Here is «The Man With The Red Face», another work by Siberian dark ambient project Xalm Retribution. Prolific in creating albums full of dark and cold soundscapes, Xalm Retribution continues to provide listeners with packs of dark ambient pieces inspired by various weird and sombre things.

This time his work is dedicated to the baneful influence of virtual worlds which eventually destroy mentality of men who lock themselves in synthetic spaces of PC games.


  1. Xalm Retribution – Silence And The Intro Of The Man With The Red Face (03:24)
  2. Xalm Retribution – The Beginning Of The Trip (05:45)
  3. Xalm Retribution – Cold Hall (06:11)
  4. Xalm Retribution – Previous Continue (05:49)
  5. Xalm Retribution – The Man With The Red Face (05:40)
  6. Xalm Retribution – Lullaby (05:40)
  7. Xalm Retribution – Hard Morning (05:50)
  8. Xalm Retribution – Evil Around (05:25)
  9. Xalm Retribution – Delirium (05:01)
  10. Xalm Retribution – Ghost In The House (Part 2) (03:52)

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