Xalm Retribution – «The Tales Of Drunken Forest»

Cat.# … DNA 140
Release Date … 18.10.2012
Genre … Dark Ambient
Type … FLAC Lossless

One of most prolific DNA Production contributors, Russian dark ambient project Xalm Retribution is back with his new release called «The Tales Of Drunken Forest».

This work continues the project’s concept to dedicate each album to certain social or personal phenomenon, events and trends. «The Tales Of Drunken Forest» is inspired by the true story of the same name that tells about social and moral degradation of a person hit by alcoholism. Ten dark soundscapes reveal how deep despair and hopelessness can be. Each of these ten sombre tracks slowly narrates about cruelty and indifference, lack of will, sufferings and slow fall tо the depths of poverty and depravation.


  1. Xalm Retribution – Troubled Waters (04:37)
  2. Xalm Retribution – Despair (05:14)
  3. Xalm Retribution – Snowstorm Of Loneliness (05:16)
  4. Xalm Retribution – No Road To Back (04:43)
  5. Xalm Retribution – Final Countdown (05:36)
  6. Xalm Retribution – Swamp Of Darkness (04:48)
  7. Xalm Retribution – One Thousand Of Dead Voices (05:26)
  8. Xalm Retribution – Underground Life (06:55)
  9. Xalm Retribution – Perversion Returns (05:36)
  10. Xalm Retribution – In The Dead Of Night (05:36)

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