Il Taglia – «Selection II»

Il Taglia - «Selection II»Cat.# … DNA 105
Release Date … 18.03.2011
Genre … Guitar Improvisation, Ambient, Experimental
Type … FLAC Lossless

«Selection II» is a new collection of songs that starts from vocals and a vague song-structure that slides sometimes in psych-rock («Initial Dawn»), or in dark ambient space («We Are Too Close», «It Could Be Real»)…2008#6 is a different take of 2008#4 from «Selection» released a year later, and the quiet «Elec09X» comes at the end.

In comparison with previous album, this time new Il Taglia work brings more complexity and depth in composition and finds new melodic structures sometimes chaotic or psychedelic, sometimes romantic and affecting.

All tracks recorded between 2008 and 2011.
Drawings, lyrics, acoustic and electric guitars, main vocals, banjo, piano, synths, xylophone, filtered vocals, cavequeno, percussions by Luca Tagliabue.
Artwork by Dodeccaheedron.


  1. Il Taglia – We Are Too Close (17:17)
  2. Il Taglia – 2008#6 (06:58)
  3. Il Taglia – It Could Be Real (19:11)
  4. Il Taglia – Initial Dawn (24:58)
  5. Il Taglia – Elec09X (11:16)

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